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Article about: One of my favorite buckles.

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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    Hello In 30+ years of collecting I have never seen one of the green/grey ones in person or for sale. The one Marc V. has is the only one I know of. There might be a box of 25 out in the woodwork.

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    I thought this golden LAPO-Buckles are made of brass!?! So they don´t have to be golden painted or whatever!
    Gruß Max

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    According to David's explanations I assume that there was no need for a golden buckle within a new formed Landespolizei. We know that the golden colour was usually linked to water or traffic related units within the police. Water or traffic related units within a Landespolizei will make no sense to me. However I am not sure about that.

    Bill, honestly, I do not know if all of these golden "LaPo's" are not original. But I think that it is so easy to bring a silver example to a juweler, so one should not pay to much money for a golden one (double the price of a silver one or similar price ranges)! Just my opinion!

    Max, I am not 100% sure, but I thought always these golden ones are made from nickle silver. If I remember right one can see traces (shadows) of a gilding process on the reverse side of these examples.


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    Guido, Max, Kirby.

    The LP's were as far as I know all nickel silver including the gold ones wether or not they were re-plated silver one or not. They were never produced in brass. The pebbled LP of Marc's is original and also in nicklel silver just as the Gau Essen buckles were. Marc's buckle may be the only one in existence as no others have ever turned up. Guido, you do raise an interesting point on the gold lp's however. These buckles should have been guilded original or not and the only other one I know of had the paint?? beginning to peel off the back of it. Definitely a no no.


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    Default LaPo


    It is a long time since I sold off my Polizei buckles to include both a "white" and "yellow" LaPo.

    If my memory serves me well, the gold LaPo that I held appeared to be finished brass with no wear, peeling or similar, although the emblem and on the rub points, did seem to shine through as "white".

    Interesting discussion.


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    Good evening
    Jürgen Bandau writes in his book: Brass, polished. This buckles were produced 1934-36, so they could be die struck like a SA-buckle! In the year 1936 it was forbidden to use brass or nickel for the production of buckles.
    Gruß Max

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    Here is a gold LaPo I picked up at the SOS. Hard to photograph but it is great looking in hand. Kirby
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    Great looking buckles. I need to mention one thing about these buckles and how they were produced. In both the silver and the gold buckle the center piece has a matte finish. I believe this is very difficult to achieve in a buckle made of brassI still believe these gold buckles were fire guilded and not painted.


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