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Article about: One of my favorite buckles.

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    Default Landpolizei

    One of my favorite buckles.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Landpolizei   Landpolizei  

    Landpolizei   Landpolizei  

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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    very nice and rare buckle

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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    And a rare one at that Kirby, nice buckle

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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    OHHHHH......SO nice.....I've long been hunting for one of these! You just can't find them anymore!


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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    I have to join the chorus on this one, fantastic buckle. It is so amazing.


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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    I need to find a gold one and there is a super rare pebbled example. Kirby

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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    Kirby, Nice buckle and quite rare. I had a nickel one also but could never locate a gold one.Saw one at the MAX show many years ago but it was damaged and the guy wanted a ton of $$ for it so I passed. Never found another one prior to selling my collection.


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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    As for me, I don't want to have a gold "LaPo" buckle in my collection!

    How easy to ennoble a silver piece with a juweler supplied gilding!
    As we know these buckles are always unworn! So it is the best basis to create a golden specimen!


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    Default Re: Landpolizei


    Are you inferring that the gold LP"S are all silver LP's that have been plated or painted or?? and are not original?? I have seen a few gold Lp's and the ones I have come across have a bright front and a dull almost matte back to them. This is consistant w/one piece aluminum navies, water police etc.

    Be interesting to hear from some other Forum members on this.



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    Default Re: Landpolizei

    The one to complete any collection though is the ultra rare pebbled and green/grey finished LaPo.

    A wonderful looking buckle and only a few are known.

    Here is a theory put forward by a currently active forum member and toward which I support:-

    "...the story goes that a US based collector found some boxes (25 buckles to a box?) of these buckles at the Assmann works, in the 1950's or 1960's and brought them to the United States. The only buckle reference for "Landespolizei" that we have is from the Assmann catalogue and I think "Landespolizei" means a garrisoned, central police force coming directly under the control of a Land. The Prussian Minister of the Interior (Hermann Göring) perhaps established such a force, although which was dissolved in 1935 by being incorporated within the Wehrmacht. There are references to a special uniform for the Landespolizei within the "Ministerialblatt für die Innere Verwaltung" and including a "new" belt buckle. Unfortunately, no more details are given within this period publication. Perhaps the buckle was intended for wear by the Prussian Landespolizei and production by the Assmann company was prematurely started. Perhaps also, the buckle was never issued as by the time of production, the Prussian Landespolizei had already been incorporated into the Wehrmacht. Finally, I do not think that anybody knows the significance of the buckle being known in a "silver", "gold" and "green/grey " version..."



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