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British Pattern 58 Webbing

Article about: Here's my basic set, crap shots, can't make out most of the dates/mfg makers but I can make out one WW2 manufacturer! Never really played with each individual item as they've always been ass

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    Ahh Cheers Mark, you always whack in great educational input

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    Circuit advertisement British Pattern 58 Webbing
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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    Ahh Cheers Mark, you always whack in great educational input
    No wuckers mate! (that's correct isn't it? I did learn it from a Fosters beer advert )

    For me this what the forum is all about. I don't know how many times I have been puzzled by an aspect of a particular item then been amazed by that extra little bit of info a member has taken the trouble to post rather than just "yes it is or no it isn't"

    On the subject of this thread I will post one or two of the pieces I have that are part of the '58 system but are not seen as often as the basic soldiers set. Give me a mo till I dig them out of the jumble in the attic


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