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RAD/FAD Makers

Article about: Aluminium buckle by S.H.u.C.o, Oberstein, a seldom seen buckle by this maker Pics courtesy of David North

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    Default Rad Ad. Baumeister,Ludenshied

    This is my Ad. Baumeister, Ludenshied... I will post better pictures soon if needed....Gwar
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    RAD/FAD Makers  

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    Circuit advertisement RAD/FAD Makers
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    Advertising world

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    Default Emil Juttner rad

    Emil Juttner, Ludensheid..
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    Default New and ready for comments

    Gentleman.. I have focused my attention on the eluding and very rewarding hunt
    for Reichs Arbiet Dienst buckles..
    I for one like the search.. Unlike, Heer or Luftwaffe.. or other buckles, Some members "Ben" have a special gift for even the slightest detail down to the last feather.. or "Beak"
    Extraordinary,, I however cannot discern one Luft from the other or a Heer..
    thus.. The Rad.. Gwar..
    I have almost purchased these.. Just waiting for confirmation..
    M/4 27 Overhoff & Cie 37'
    M4/49 Steinhauer & Luck 36'
    Thanks .... Gwar..
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    The deal went through.. These will be in my collection... I will post better photos when I get back
    Supposedly fully tabbed... Gwar

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    Default Noell & Hueck M4/25

    This should be a done deal before the day is over.. Noell & Hueck M4/25.. Again.. Thanks Ben
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    Default Julius Kremp

    Julius Kremp, Ludendsheid M4/55RAD/FAD MakersRAD/FAD MakersRAD/FAD Makers[ATTACH=CONFIG]660372[/ATTAC
    Julius Kremp, Ludensheid.. M4/55...Gwar
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    Default Important - R.Z.M and R.A.D.

    Do not forget chaps that the RAD did not come under the control and auspice of the RZM and as such, non RZM M4 buckle manufacturers were allowed to manufacture this buckle.

    By using an exclusive RZM M4 "tick box list", some makers may escape the data base net.



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    Let's hope so.. I would like to find an unknown maker..

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    Dear Gwar

    Whilst Hope Springs Eternal, I think that the chances of anyone stumbling upon an otherwise unknown RAD buckle manufacture is remote to say the least. The point that I was trying to make and perhaps in a clumsy sort of way was that there is no in simpatico relationship whatsoever between the RAD and the RZM. In fact, anything RAD marked RZM is automatically bogus as it is an oxymoron.

    The RAD had their own regulatory body as the Reichsleitung des Arbeitsdienstes/Reichsarbeitsdienstleitung and which was often abbreviated to four letters as RLAD/RADL. Some collectors are even confused about the often seen triangulated logo of this internal organisation, thinking that the L for Leitung is a J.

    The organisation had no qualms whatsoever in appointing non RZM licensed companies to manufacture the RAD buckle, however there were "rules and regulations" to include, although not exclusively so, (a) the reverse of the buckle had to be marked with the makers logo/symbol and an abbreviation of a date to the manufacture and (b), the leather tongue had to show selected detail in relation to the manufacturer and the date of manufacture.

    As far as non RZM licensed buckle manufacturers are concerned, the classic for the RAD is the common one by L. Gottlieb und Söhne, Oberstein a. d. Nahe (L.G.S.). Who knows, there may be RAD buckles out there by Meybauer, Koller, Osang, Springer, Schmölle, Wiedmann - all as buckle manufacturers without a RZM licence, albeit all very well known.



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    David.. Thank you for your response...
    I am even more confused now than ever..
    I like to study and have been looking for more reference matierial but alas there seems
    to be little to go on.. I have neglected to buy Angolia's book because I purchase buckles (Rad)
    some high price and low.. Exclusively now, that being said.. $100.00 goes a long way in another
    aqusition.. Perhaps I am short changing myself in the long run..
    Any reference books or posts that you can reccomend will be appreciated..
    Actually, I made a recent trip to "The other site" to venture and try to gain some knowledge
    Sadly...Most of the postings are quite old but some were worth reading... Again.. Thank you for your response and as allways I look forward to your insight on helping me to become a better collector,
    and I hope to one day be a informative helper on the forum to others....Gwar

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