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Battle damage M40

Article about: Hi guys just thought id send in a few pics of one of my favorite helmets , i just love these battle damage helmets , cheers Raymond

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    Usually I don't sell the items I found, I just bought a lot from the diggers. In war time a lot of junk metal was thrown everywhere, and the same fate of the helmets etc. When being walk in the forest you will see over each 2-3 meters shell hole, then in war time there was not a heaven

    Another way to find bullet damaged helmet- target for anyone who came to the forest, till the mid of 70's, weapons just lie on the surface ground and could be shot. (as I'am myself in the end of 80's go to the forest and shot for them as for targets)

    Helmet from the head- due of agressive oxidation, the helmets from the bodies actually starts to be " lightweighted".

    I have seen some examples of battledamaged soviet Ssch-39 bring back by Finnish veterans, but not any stainings on the liner.

    Also sometimes being a shot to the head, helmet can be thrown away from the head with bullet power, in other case, if the helmet was on the head, then the reburrial command/ medic for examination of wounds-will remove it, to write for the book the character of the wound and reason of the death. The helmet will be then thrown away, or thrown to the garbage hole, if it's a rear positions...

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    Quote by 240stevek View Post
    Intresting Comment Dimas.
    I have several helmets with extreme battle damage like Rays.
    I believe some were dug by you.
    Why do you think it was not worn when the damage occured?

    The Rays is a bit interesting character- this is usually artillery damage after 100 mm shells- there the power which is in around of 3 meters to the center of explosion- the sand and ground make this kind of holes in aluminium, and sometime in the steel. The body in that case will be converted to the steam

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Thanks for your answer Dimas.
    In my opinion it is not possible to tell if Rays helmet was being worn when the battle damage occured.
    I have some examples with stained liners, one with hair still stuck to the inside of the shell, those I believe were worn.
    With a shot up shell one can only guess.


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    Hi Steve , we will never know, i surppose whether the helmet was been worn at the time of damage , its possible ,as is the theory of it being damaged while on the ground , it could be both , for me it is still damage that accoured during a battle of some discription , and was lost for all time untill found again many years later, for me i love the thing , its one of my favorites , thanks for your interest , id love to see a few pics of yours when you get the time , cheers Raymond

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    Raymond, you have summed up why I have such a fasination with Battle Field Relics.
    The passage of time can hold a million secrets.
    Pictures of my collection are in the works.
    Cheers from USA,


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