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Battle damaged M40 Luftwaffe helmet

Article about: Any other opinions if it is an M35 or M40? On one side it looks like an M35 and the other side like an M40.

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    Default Battle damaged M40 Luftwaffe helmet

    Hey guys,

    Bought this battle damaged M40 helmet from a forum member, awesome guy! . It comes from 21. Feld-Division (L) positions not far from Džūkste. I think the owner was KIA as I don't see any exit holes or any dents in the backside of the helmet but we will never know..

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    Nice helmet! If someone was wearing it they sure didn't live when that round hit them.

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    ouch that's going to leave a mark!!! Gary

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    Now that's a relic with character!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Nice relic. Congrats

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    Vents look like M35 vents

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    I had some doubts about it as I don't know a lot about German stuff..

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    It's nice. I like the remaining green paint (it looks green to me) The damage also gives it some character . Maybe there are no exit holes or dents because the shots/shrapnel came from a downward angle..? It's cool either way, thanks for sharing your new relic!

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    Thanks guys! @ Dean, the paint is green indeed and the little hole was indeed in from shrapnell in a downward angle. The biggest hole wasn't from a downward angle in my opinion but we'll never now.

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