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German helmet I found in my grandmothers basement.

Article about: Hey guys! I need your help to identify this helmet. Im guessing its a M16 but I could be wrong because Im not very familiar with all the different types of helmets the wehrmacht used duri

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    Thank you guys for your help. I know now that the helmet and the bag werent used by any family member. The canteen is from my grandfather. That might explain the much better condition compared to the helmet and the bag, because their origin must be WW1 according to my aunts knowledge.

    @oradour Your probably right with the bread bag.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also part of the leather strip that is missing. Sadly its the more important part..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So what do you guys think could I get for everything? I was offered 350 Euros by an antique dealer today. Seems to be a fair price for its condition.

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    "I was offered 350 Euros by an antique dealer today. Seems to be a fair price for its condition"

    IMO worth a bit more than that ! try here on the classifieds.............let some one here have a chance !
    Prost ! Steve.
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    Well Ive never really sold something like this on the internet. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?

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    In my opinion one thing to consider. The black colour could have it's right to exist if it has some historical evidence: Maye the helmet was repainted after World War One with intent (first banal idea: member of SS)?

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    Any chance of pics taken outside? Looks to be period painted. Might be an early SS helmet or a helmet used for civil use. I kind of like what I see.

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    M18's are certainly more rare than M16's and this would fetch a higher price than what you were offered.

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    I will make some better pictures for you guys tomorrow. Ill probably put it on the classified board then.

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    Quote by Angustino View Post
    I will make some better pictures for you guys tomorrow. Ill probably put it on the classified board then.
    I always encourage people to keep these items in their family. They are part of your family's history.


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    The helmet and the bag arent related to my family. I know that they were given to my grandparents from a friend after he died. So I dont mind to part with them.

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