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got this helmet for 100 dollars

Article about: this helmet was in ownership of elderly lady almost 60 years) in bergen norway. husband had died and the femal wanted to get rid of this ugly helmet and this darn mauser rifle she said. anyw

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    I'm sure someone would give you what you paid for it to save it from the firing squad

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    Circuit advertisement got this helmet for 100 dollars
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    Yeah i knew it would be an shocking statement(yes its a joke), but its dissapointing to know that i have to let the plan of uncovering the deckal go . it happens a lot that war helmets and german militaria ends up at internet here in norway. families want to get rid of the scrap when Family dies etc. ...
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    I hate to be this way, but not really, if you are that disappointed because you can't remove the paint to reveal the decal (which will look like crap afterwards) than the best thing to do is sell it. It deserves a home where it won't get messed with. This helmet is history and in its wartime condition. It needs to remain that way. If you wanna put holes in a helmet with a Mauser than buy a Chinese knock off and go to town. This helmet deserves a great place to live.

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    I wouldn't mind buying a mauser over here that shoots for $200 US!!

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    helmet is now on sale section. help save the helmet from being used as kitten sand Box and adopt it

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    To be frank mate your attitude isn't endearing you to potential buyers. People turning up out of the blue that don't collect and simply want to make money out of us don't tend to get a good reception, especially after giving the original elderly owner such a shit price. Never mind hinting that the item will be wrecked if somebody doesn't pay up.


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    I smell a troll.

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    the helmet


    there is no need for this.
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    i gave what she demanded and asked for in the was out for about 2 weeks without anyone else buying it. she also had a mauser which i as a gun/sword collector was interested in. the helmet she said was some ugly trash her husband had kept, and had plans to trash it. her sons did not want it, and she was moving out. the ad said the buyer of the rifle also could have the helmet. so u had to buy the rifle to have the helmet, and the rifle itself she wanted someone else to keep without messing it up as she was forced to either sell quickly or turn it to the police for destruction. she liked the rifle but not the helmet in other Words..

    she did her research too, a smiliar helmet m 40 is listed for 100 dollars and still has not been sold. another helmet in much better shape with luftwaffe deckals is for sale at 400 dollars.

    i acutally saved the mauser from being destroyed. its regarded as trash and only Worth 130 dollars.(germans left 0,5 million rifles in norway) most mauser are being modified or destroyed by the police as more owners die. so i saved a little piece of freakin history, and i will keep it in its original state.(almost all mausers are not kept original and used and modified for hunting) i paid her 500 kr extra for just having it kept in a warm living room all these years. she was selling the house for over 500 000 dollars, so this is not a poor senile woman i tricked..
    prices here are much different than in uk and usa where barn-finds etc are minimal, and the collector community is not comparable. for crying out loud, her son did not want it beacuse the straps was bad he said---he did not have to pay anything for the helmet but still refused beacuse it was "well-used".

    and where does the Money from a sale go? fixing up my newest luftwaffe parade sword covered with rust damages--
    another piece of history.

    and my joke about shooting up the helmet is clearly not understood as a joke...i will not i shall not kill a f-king german ww2 helmet, but i will soon kill a east-german one i got from holiday in Spain in a flea market for 5 euro regardless of any boycot/crying.

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