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got this helmet for 100 dollars

Article about: this helmet was in ownership of elderly lady almost 60 years) in bergen norway. husband had died and the femal wanted to get rid of this ugly helmet and this darn mauser rifle she said. anyw

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    Well that is just splendid. I'm glad we managed to stop you scraping off the paint to make a few more dollars at least. Good luck.

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    Circuit advertisement got this helmet for 100 dollars
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    some american guy on this forum said he was innterested and offered 200 dollars, then went to 150 inncluding shipping, and said it "looked like it went through the mill"? is this the price range for my beloved helmet and is condition so bad? i am starting to like it more, and considering keeping it so it stays in the same city it already been mot of its life since occupation or donate it to the local bunkermuseum 1 km from my house instead of sending it to some american whom migth stick some fake ss runes on it . collecting helmets seems to be impossible with all these manipulated fakes going around

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    I don't know whether you are trying to alienate people or its just that your sense of humour has been lost in translation. No one on this forum is going to pay you top dollar for an item that you paid a pittance for from an elderly lady. If you keep making similar comments, I cant imagine that too many people on this forum are going to be willing to help you any further.

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    "instead of sending it to some american whom might stick some fake ss runes on it.." Yeah! Darn those pesky old nasty Americans anyway!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    so what am i suppose to do?, say sorry i robbed her and Return it to her and let her sell it for the same price to another,or worse trash it? Its easy to sit there trying to be the high-priest of morale judgement.

    in todays market,. the worth of it range according to the local dealer is from 200-300 dollars.
    as i stated before, it was a freakin auction on the net With Pictures of the mauser and helmet, and nobody wanted to buy it in 10 days.

    helmet--500 nok ca 100 dollars Worth: ca 300 dollar
    Mauser karabin-- 1500 nok ca 280 dollars Worth: 100 -150 dollars (in norway)
    gun permit Application fee ---130 dollars

    then take the time to travel and Research into the math as well.

    all in all , ill be sitting with app 100 dollars in pluss. i had to buy the gun to get the helmet anyway.
    most dealers operates with calculated margins when buying from private people of much bigger percent.
    so i guess they are robbing old people off too.

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    Someone please close this thread.....

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Someone please close this thread.....
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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