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help with my helmet

Article about: The shell is original but not worth a fraction of what you paid, Its a late war M42 very common. Trust me I am 99% sure non of the paint is original. Sorry there is nothing worse I know, Tha

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    Default help with my helmet

    hi , I just joined the forum was wondering if anyone can give me insight on this helmet.. I believe it was repainted and the decal is a repo but I started removing the paint and uncovered a white helmet and what looks like a painted over decal... it is stamped at the back k L S6 or KL 66 with these numbers below it 4752 or 4732 hard to read... any help would be appreciated and what is it worth thankshelp with my helmethelp with my helmethelp with my helmethelp with my helmethelp with my helmethelp with my helmet

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    It will be ckl66, all paint, decals and components are post war and/or non German. Not worth anything to a collector I'm afraid.

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    I was thinking it was a winter camo that was painted on it and the original decal is there but painted over

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    The decal is on the wrong side of the helmet that is why its back to front

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    on the side I have the paint removed showing the white underneath there is visable a decal on the other side I figured the other deal was fake

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    All paint looks post war to be honest. Hope you didnt get too badly stung if you bought this advertised as original, Like Kradspam says it has no value to collectors, You could sell the shell as that is authentic but im guessing you wont make your money back. Cheers! Sean.

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    im in the pocess of removing the outer paint to reveil the white under paint

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    paid 300 for it and was told it was the real deal

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    Well you already know the guy that sold it as the real deal was not telling you the truth, as you said the outer paint and decal are bogus. A rear marked ckl M42 helmet with a lot number in the 4000+ range was made well into 1944 or even 1945, long after decals ceased to be applied to helmets at the end of 1943. Combined with the fact the interior paint is not wartime either, makes it a done deal I'm afraid mate. I would pursue a refund if I were you, but you might find it tricky since you have removed some paint already.

    The white paint is likely from some post war use as a repurposed fire helmet or something, rubble clearance in post war German cities, etc etc. Could be anything but definitely not winter camo.

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    could it still be an original helmet ... maybe I will soak the helmet in paint remover to see what it reveil

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