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Interesting M40 relic

Article about: I just purchased this relic for cheap as. Never seen one like it, absoloutley fascinating, must have a good story behind it. And it is a M40!

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    Quote by qotd View Post
    No matter how it occured, It is still a cool looking relic, one of a kind maybe.....I am happy to have it in my collection

    And the best thing is Rene doesnt have one!!!!! LOL

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    Having now received the helmet, I can say that this has no way been heated into this shape, it has been crushed. Will post pics ASAP. The whole helmet is there, nothing been cut off, just crushed

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    Gentlemen, Ladies and Rene,

    I have studied this helmet in my own hands, indeed I have consulted someone whom I trust and knows steel, metal and armour. Indeed there have been many chats long into the night examining my helmets and commenting on the steel used by different makers and such, before receiving this helemt.

    I showed him this helmet, and he has a interesting, plausable and very likey the reason this helmet is the way it is. He noticed, and it has been mentioned before that to of the dents are nearly symetrical and happened very quickly and at the same time. The helmet has not been melted into this shape, it was blasted into this shape.....How???? this helmet more than likely was inside a vehicle that was hit, ran over a mine or some such, and the blast wedged this helmet into a a part of the vehicle causing the symetrial damage and the other dents were caused at the same time striking other parts of the superstructure as it was blasted into its wedged position.

    Now dont anyone tell me that armoured vehicle crews did not have/use helmets inside their tanks, if you beleive this you are wrong and narrow minded, of course crews hung helmets from the side of vehicles, but TANK crews DID use steel helmets inside tanks. It may not have been popular or practical, but it did happen, I have seen photos!!!! and read first hand accounts. But lets not forget half track cews, SP gun crew amn half track Anti aircraft gun crews.

    If i was a mythbuster, this would be a definite "plausible" it makes sense, it can have occured and the metal of helmet shows no discolouration or fractures from deliberate heating. This damage occured in one place all in one moment of time. Clear evidence of a helmet that was damaged by a blast that wedged this helemt into a part of a vehicle, was then burnt out and thru the fog of war was buried, dug up by a nice russian bloke, placed on ebay with a buy it now of 30 bucks, packed up and sent to me in Australia.

    I now await your comments and opinions......

    And schwerpunkt, unless you were there and saw it happen, I dont need your will only be negative and unhelpful.......

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    And if you ask me to post the fotos I have seen, I cant....go buy/borrow books on german armour operations, yes the ones with pics and look for youself!

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    No one at all to comment on the most brilliant pice of detective work I have in the whole of this afternoon!!!!

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    Good opinion, it could be.

    Now You can try Your detective work on this Heer SD M40, I think tank rolled over it and it was pressed in mud, I have bought it so I don't really know about it, but I know that it comes somewhere from Latvia.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Interesting M40 relic   Interesting M40 relic  

    Interesting M40 relic   Interesting M40 relic  

    Interesting M40 relic   Interesting M40 relic  

    Interesting M40 relic  

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    cool lid !! and cool detective work!!

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    Well thats as good a reason for the damage than most, what i would like to know now is, out of you and your friend, who was watson and who was sherlock ?

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    We work jointly solving relic related cases, thevploce commissioner has a search light eihba M 35 silhouette LOL

    Thst helmet is great, I love it.......let me discuss it

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    I have seen a helmet that has been run over by a tank, and it looked likeca lopsided corrugated pancake. Your helmet, has that really interesting dent in the rear, where a lot of cracking seems to originate from, then younhave the bent up, snd cracked visor. Something has struck this helmet in th rear, i doubt a tank did this.

    Preliminary theory looks likr concussion or blast damage......but I will let my friend look at it

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