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Looking to learn and buy a Relic Helmet

Article about: Hi Everyone First post here. I am very interested in WW2, especially the German side and am just a hobbyst who has started collecting small items. I have a couple medals, and some other odds

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    Hi headeast and welcome!

    I collect helmets in original condition but also really like my relics too!

    Due to the low collectible value of relic items they tend to be less faked but can sometimes be 'spruced up' in order to make more profit. The edition of some fake decals, particularly SS ones, is a favorite of the fraudsters. Also adding a white wash is not uncommon. Like all militaria, the more you study the subject and look at original items you will get a feel for what the patina of an original or relic helmet looks like although even then you can get caught out. Take all stories that come with the helmet with a pinch of salt unless providence is provided in some form.

    Here's a link to my first relic helmet that I purchased a few years ago on eBay from a seller in Voldagrad. Its a former double decal M35 that was hit so hard that the right side vent rivet has popped out of the helmet. A sobering reminder of the reality of war. My first relic helmet

    Good luck with your collection!


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    A link to a few other relic lids I have in my collection: Two new relic helmets.

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    Hello again everyone.

    First, again thank you all so much for taking the time to explain and help here, its been the BEST forum I have joined from content and interest, to friendliness and willingness to help. Some of you have really amazing finds and collectibles!

    yes it was Kevin W the article mentioned, in the UK, i was blown away at what he had amassed. but even with some of his stuff i was wondering how it could be verified? i think it was a white uniform of hitlers he found in a trunk?

    all that being said i did have another question on now purchasing (when i do, after checking in here and if overseas)

    1) with a helmet purchase, if it was from anywhere in europe including russia, is there anything that i need to do on my end to import? or does the seller take care of that? restrictions or forms or claims?

    and last but not least, i took pics of my few items, should i post in this thread? or post in the proper locations? no helmets, just a couple medals, death cards, and a supposed piece of brick

    oh and yes, the shop sent COA's of guarantee of authenticity so we will see how they handle something if faked and i would help anyone here out with them.

    hoping thats not the case though

    thanks all

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    very very cool HelmetsAndy M35

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    I found this one on Ebay, and its also in the US and relatively close to me

    but then i saw the white! and thought i would ask here if this looks real, was the paint added etc?

    Original WW2 WWII German helmet M42 | eBay

    and this one

    Original Authentic WWll WW2 German Helmet M35 Q64 | eBay

    thanks all!

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    The first helmet looks like a good honest relic of a German M40 (not an M42 as stated in the ad. M42ís donít have a crimped rim). The seller has a 100% rating which is also a positive.

    The second is a little bit more challenging. A Quist size 64. The photos made it hard to really describe in detail however it looks ok however I wonít comment on the decals as Iím not experienced in that area. This seller has a 100% rating but has only sold 1 item so you canít really base anything off that. To be honest this second one is a bit expensive and for a bit more you could get a complete helmet.

    If you want an Ok relic the first one would be the way to go however there are lots out there in better condition so donít rush. Maybe look at eBay each day to get a feel for what is around.

    As for the COA - just a piece of paper so take with a grain of salt. Iím not sure where you live and different countries will have different import rules and regulations so best to check with you postal service.

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    A COA is akin to toilet paper....sales receipts hold more weight, at least they prove where you got it to support return policies

    There is no paperwork for importing, shipping abroad requires customs forms. The seller will fill out the custom form with description, quantity, weight, and value. There's no import tax in the US. Many other countries have import taxes, and they are the buyer's responsibility to cover. It is why you will often see a buyer ask you to list value at $20 or less or mark as gift...since many countries don't start charging tax until a certain value or at all on gifts.

    Be careful ordering from Russia. Their postal system isn't the most reliable, it's not uncommon for packages to arrive beat up. Russia and the US also aren't the best of buds at the moment and it's always possible the postal clerk might see USA on the address and use it as a soccer ball. Probably goes both ways, but of course I'm not in Russia receiving packages from the US so can't say for sure.

    As you mentioned's most likely impossible for that collector to verify everything, and most likely there's some junk in his collection. Be careful not to fall in love with a collector just because he has a huge collection and has been collecting for 40 or 50 years. I have seen many a collector think his duration of collecting equates to expertise. And there are many collectors who trip over themselves worshipping collectors who have been at it for a long time, taking their world as gospel. I've seen this blow up in the collector community's face more than once, as recently as two or three weeks ago. Age, duration, and bank account do not an expert make. There is NO SUCH THING AS AN EXPERT, we are all students. The minute someone starts claiming he is an expert, he more often than not ceases to be interested in learning

    I would post your items in the appropriate subforums for maximum visibility with the collectors who focus in those fields

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    thank you both! great posts and info! i def got excited after reading here and hoping for a first helmet, but now i am going to just keep reading and learning for a quite a bit more time.

    thanks for the info on importing as well, i want to enjoy this hobby and not get caught up in something i did wrong.

    i will post my initial items in the correct areas now

    thanks again! really appreciate the time and the expertise here!

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