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M35 DD batledamge

Article about: Hello First and last relic in collection

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    Default M35 DD battledamage


    First and last relic in collection
    M35 DD batledamge
    M35 DD batledamge
    M35 DD batledamge
    M35 DD batledamge
    M35 DD batledamge
    M35 DD batledamge
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    An interesting relic with what looks like some battle damage to the rear of the shell. The colour of the paint is a little unusual in that it is more of a Luftwaffe blue than the expected variety’s of green shades that an M35 Heer Helmet would carry. Could just be that the green has faded to a lighter blue colour.

    Are there any markings inside the shell and do you have any further info?


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    Nice relic, a beautifull piece. The colour really does look like an Luftwaffe blue... especially the inside. It does not look like it was found in "normal" ground... is it maybe a waterfind?

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    Most probably exposed to a variety of climactic conditions as the seasons change especially if it was found somewhere that gets very cold and then warms up in summer like Russia. I have a relic M35 in similar condition that would have been exposed to the above type of conditions.

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    Luftwaffe colour naah and yes water find. Maker its ET or EF hard to read, lot number visible only 7

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    What colour would you call it?

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    apfelgrün mixed with oxidation, photos disort

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