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M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

Article about: One of the latest finds from Narva, this lid was found in May on the positions of the 61 ID and has been excellently cleaned up by my good freind and WRF member Gurov !!

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    Default Re: M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

    Nice relic Paul, looks a bit like a Q decal possibly

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    That Heer decal is strange! The black ink has survived perfectly but all of the metallic pulver is gone. It's like a stencil now, pretty cool.
    I noticed that as well Andy. Very cool.

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    Default Re: M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

    Nicely cleaned up too. Got rid of those rust boils without fading the paint. As asked above, was the treatment an Oxalic acid bath?

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    As for cleaning you'll have to ask the Gurov as that is his field !!
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    Default Re: M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

    Very nice lid Paul and the Heer decal is really unique looking. Congrats mate.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

    I have a SS lid with similar faded decal. Very little of surface decal left. The heavy cleaning and acid does this. At least these guys know how to clean away the rust and not the whole decal with it.

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    Default Re: M35 DD from the Narva Front !!

    The trick is not to touch the decal while its wet. The acid may soften the decal so until everything is dried nice and hard again, it's a case of 'hands off' as far as the decal is concerned.

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