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M35 vs M40

Article about: Hi Guys I am still not able to see the difference between a M35 and M40. Can I use your expertice to determine what type it is? First one Second Third

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    Default M35 vs M40

    Hi Guys

    I am still not able to see the difference between a M35 and M40. Can I use your expertice to determine what type it is?
    First one
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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    I'm not an expert by any means, but the difference will be in the vent hole. If the vent is a separate piece, it's an M35. If the vent is stamped into the helmet, it's an M40. In M42s the vent will be stamped and the brim around the edge of the helmet will be unfolded.

    I can't zoom in on your photos... but it appears to be an M40.

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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    What Joe said. Those all look to be M40s, but the pics are a little grainy on the phone.

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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    Looks like a 40 to me.
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    Default Re: M35 vs M40


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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    Both M40s

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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    Guys rub the sleep outta your eyes!!!! ....... the first one 'could' be a M35 as i think I can see the edge of the rivet, second one is a post war Bundeswehr but M40 in style and the third is probably the same vintage ..... but then the OP wasn't asking about originality, just the difference between year models.
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    Default Re: M35 vs M40

    If you are thinking of buying German helmets and your knowledge is very limited please invest in one of the good books on the market , this should be the first thing you buy !!

    Plus search this forum there are dozens of examples of all types of German helmets which are much better learning tools than those you have posted here , study and learn and you will save yourself from loosing money.
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