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My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

Article about: I just find Very Very weird the 2 HD helmets pop up over time On ebay and BOTH Look like there from the same hand..I have been collecting Relics right up to the top shelf camo's for more tha

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    Are You 100% sure it is a fake? In Europe such helmet shell without any decals sell easily for 50 euro and up so I do not see any point to add fake decals, sell it via ebay, pay eBay fees, give 50% refund etc. Actually You got a helmet for 30-40 bucks. I'm ready to pay $50:-)

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    Quote by WW2headgearlover View Post
    Other decal. This one shows to a greater degree that it is just pasted on top of the rust layer? Again at a certain angle it decal looks higher then should be. Decal area is also glossy.

    Attachment 418820

    That's clearly a fake tricolor.
    I want to be sure both decals are crap before I leave a neg FB. Another guy selling crap with a perfect 100% FB record.

    Thanks for looking.

    That's clearly a fake tricolor.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    Quote by AMTG View Post
    That's date is written as day, month, in the US are used to writing it month, day, year!!!!
    Didn't know that.....

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    Frundsburg, I'm sure the seller was hoping for more, like $150 US which is about right for this with decals original. I'm one of the few idiots that bid on it, others I'm sure knew it was suspect which kept price down.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    Quote by kylesbullets View Post
    Up to you. Depends on how much you are mad about the decals being fake....
    Well not that mad actually as I got a part refund. I would not have bought this with no decals even though it is cool looking battle damage. I'm into relics with decals only. I'll lose some on re-sale as I have to factor in the shipping I paid, but no big deal on this low dollar item. I for sure will give him a neutral, but will bump it to neg if that is the wish of majority forum members opinions.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    I just knew that shield was crap also!
    Last edited by WW2headgearlover; 11-06-2012 at 12:58 AM.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    One thing is for sure, you learned a lesson here, don't buy from him lol

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    And I want to thank you for starting this thread. In your small way you have helped the collector market to avoid this freak.

    At the date of your thread start, I had the helmet about 3 weeks. I didn't like the thing as soon as I saw it. And then got busy and left it alone. Started checking again, nothing at WAF on this guy, so I came here and found yours.

    He is on ioffer site as well selling all kinds of fake garbage, such as SS relic lids as UK Wayne pointed out in another topic here. Maybe he figured at ebay he could get more money for it?

    I emailed him and said I don't like the looks of the decals. His reply was yes they look strange but he got it from a trusted digger lol. It's all crap, he's hoping to find suckers at ebay which he has me encluded. Well it's about to bite him back with my small way of helping the collector market lol.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    Someone know this seller "fotobaltic". He offer me his WW2 GERMAN M42 COMBAT MEDICS HELMET, NAMED

    Is it same person? And is it trusted seller?
    This is big money for me and I wish to ask you for advice. I not want bad helmet in my collection, but price is really good if helmet is original. I can risk and by helmet directly, hope seller is honest and will send it to me.

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    Default Re: My good friend Boddoer/ ssovetsk

    I would say now with this faked decal helmet and other seller problems that over 50% of eBay Latvia Riga seller relic helmets are fake. Good news is you can send it back for full refund including post you paid. However depending on your location it could be expensive as per Paypal rules and your peace of mind it has to have tracking number. IF over $250 in value it also has to have a signature option. All that would cost me in Canada $80-90 CDN.

    I don't like this red cross helmet. OTher members have better idea. Maybe only way to tell is have helmet in your hand and look closely at red cross and how it look compared to rest of helmet etc. Need 20x glass to lok at paint details etc.

    Good LUck

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