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Para helmet battle of the bulge

Article about: Hi guys Opinions on this one? Bullet hole present. Greetz Peter

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    Hi , looks to have a decent ridge running around the rim to me. The steels rust does appear a bit bright but maybe that's just from the light box used to photograph it? I think this one is probably ok but ask for some nice decal close up images. Leon.
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    a prisoner executed??
    no, that was exclusive of the German army.

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    Good point.
    Would be nice to see some pics of the lid in natural light/daylight i.e. no flash.

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    The seller, Mathieu, is a serious man, you can ask him what you want on this helmet.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    that's better pics

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    Pictures in daylight
    The edges of the "in" and "out" are in depth rusted.
    The rust pattern on each side of the crack front-right side stand "on its own" i.e. when the damage was done there was no rust.

    Para helmet battle of the bulgePara helmet battle of the bulgePara helmet battle of the bulgePara helmet battle of the bulgePara helmet battle of the bulgePara helmet battle of the bulge

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    Good pics, thx.

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    I see nothing wrong with this helmet whatsoever. Mathieu knows his helmets. He is not among the cons and crooks.

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    Default Battle damage

    The entry/exit hole seems OK to me. The entry hole is as you would expect from an angled entry. I have included a close-up of the entry hole on my Jager zu Pferde helmet for comparison.

    As for the execution theory. Would you really stand close to a person and shoot them through the head while they are wearing a helmet??? I rather think not!

    Para helmet battle of the bulge
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    Could happen but unlikely; if you have the time to round up a soldier, order him to his knees and in general harrass him, removing his lid would most likely have been part of that process.

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