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Relic german helmets

Article about: Hello my main interest is in collceting relic german helmets from the two wars.With eastern europe opened up its great to get german helmets from poland and russia.I have about 30 different

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    Alexander, I collaborated with their counterpart in Austria in the past. I am well aware of their job in the East.
    Have you ever been in a german retreat area or on a battlefield in eastern Europe?
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    Alexander, no doubt you have heard of the BIG HOLE in Holland ?, to date they have recovered hundreds of helmets, no bodies though, it was a dump where the allies threw the helmets, estimates for the area add to thousands of lids thrown in the hole and nearby, as for relic helmets recovered, it is a moral requirement that any bodies found during a dig be reported and our friend and well respected member is well known for his dealings with the fallen soldiers on battlefields, i am not surprised that he has not replied to your accusation thereby giving you the satisfaction of his explaining his actions, as for your comment " a tad harsh " this is an understatement, it was downright insulting, rude and uncalled for, perhaps when you have been with the forum a while longer you will realise that here we have one ,if not the best collection of gentlemen who fully respect the sacrifices made and treat the remains of the fallen with reverence and do their utmost to see that they are properly treated and given decent burials worthy of that sacrifice

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    Well, perhaps you'd like to read the article on 'Collecting Relic helmets' on the www. website. Or perhaps you may wish to keep up with the media concern in Germany about war graves in the east, or perhaps read about grave robbing published by the Volksbund Deutsche Kreigsgraeberfeursorge. I recently saw a German documentary about the war graves in the former Stalingrad area being plundered. You will, of course, be aware of Soviet policy of destroying German war graves in WWII and beyond, so a pile of helmets found in a hole may just as well have come from destroyed graves. There are several photos showing the destruction of war graves and there is the famous painting of Red Army tankers sitting by their T34s at night keeping warm by a fire. The wood being used ? German birchwood grave markers. All this venom against me hints that either you guys are too naive or just don't care about some 'relic' finds. Having lived in Germany and having German friends, well, lets just say that I share their concerns when it comes to finds from the east.

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    Quote by Alexander View Post
    All this venom against me hints that either you guys are too naive or just don't care about some 'relic' finds. Having lived in Germany and having German friends, well, lets just say that I share their concerns when it comes to finds from the east.
    No-one is denying or disputing the fact that in certain circles, grave robbing does happen. Everyone here is aware of it and so are the diggers. The 'venom' you feel is directed at you is not because you are talking about grave robbing but because you've openly and naively accused a respected member of the forum of being a grave robber without actually researching the work this member does. That is out of order. Just because someone digs relics does not automatically make them a grave robber. No doubt you have now read the link I posted previously and can see that you are wrong to accuse Ostland of such a despicable act.
    As already mentioned, this forum does not condone this practice and any member thought to be engaged in such an act will not be here for very long. It is refreshing and educational to actually see the work that goes into the repatriation or reburial of fallen soldiers from all nationalities, especially for those who don't live on the battlefields of the East.
    Before you blithely accuse people of acts they're not guilty of it would make sense to do a little homework beforehand.

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    Well said Adrian it is very tiresome to read again ridiculous accusations against members who are involved in Battlefield Archaeology and recovery in conjunction with the Volksbund and Russian war graves by those who are clearly to idle to research the threads properly.

    As for the attitude of the German people ask the families of those whose loved ones have been recovered and now lie in a war cemetery in a recognisable grave as a result of the work done by Ostland digger and many other members here !!
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    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
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    Lucky.. I'm in Canada, so there is NOTHING to do with WWII relics around where I am. However if I can ever afford to go to Europe someday, i'll be digging for sure. Great collection, and thanks for posting pictures!

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    Most times when digging, there are no bodies at all from what i've heard from friends who had dug in former frontline areas, many items are left behind during a hasty retreat where not everything can be packed and taken. I am absolutely sure that any remains that are found, usually there are ID tags which can trace the soldier's family and name, and, as I have often been told, police or maybe a funeral home (Not sure) are called to give the fallen soldier a proper burial. Again, this is just from what i've read, been told, and seen. I have never had the chance to dig in former combat zones.. Mainly because I can't afford to go to Europe.

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