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Relic Helmets

Article about: I'm probably a bit of an odd duck but... I really like the old rusty beat up battle damaged helmets coming out of latvia and what not. I'm sure you guys have seen them on ebay, I haven't bou

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    Default Relic Helmets

    I'm probably a bit of an odd duck but... I really like the old rusty beat up battle damaged helmets coming out of latvia and what not. I'm sure you guys have seen them on ebay, I haven't bought one... I just can't quite pull the trigger on spending the 50-100$ for a rusted hull of a helmet. I'm new to the hobby kind of and only have two police helmets in my "collection" so far. Would I be foolish to buy one of these beat up ebay specials?

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Relic helemts are not to everyones likeing. But if you fancy having one and are not looking at it from an investment point of view, I would say go for it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Here's a good Russian seller I've dealt with eBay My World - habarolog
    he also posts videos of his finds on Boobtube (youtube)
    He may not have anything for sale now but do check him out every now & then


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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Hi Cannonman,
    among other items i collect battlefield relic helmets the are not all beat up and rusted, you can find half decent relic bullethold
    helmets in good condition. I collect helmets from different battlefields of europe, and have some nice ones i buy mostly from germany and russia. Use German ebay, you will find some good items there.

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    You are not alone. Personally, I love a rusted, dinged old helmet that has resided in the field of battle since long ago - something about knowing exactly where the wearer was in battle. Did I say that I LOVE them???
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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Hi steve,
    you are right there is something about a helmet that has been on the battlefield for years. Instantly it gives you a history i would have a relic one anytime. i have some nice complete helmets
    but they dont tell you anything they could have come from anywhere, and then you have the good old aged repro, they are worth nothing and have no history at all.

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    So I'm not crazy!! LOL I'm going to German ebay right now, can't believe I never thought of that- I will check out that Russian seller as well. Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Battle damage relic lids arnt everyones cup of tea , but i love them , as the guys have said there are good places to buy them , but be warned once you have one you could become like many of us here , hooked . cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    I also love em!!!

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    Default Re: Relic Helmets

    Wish I lived over there, I metal detect around here and find old copper culture artifacts 6000+ years old, French fur trade items, all kinds of stuff, just no WW2 stuff. Anybody have a relic helmet to trade for N. American artifacts?! LOL You guys see the relics they are digging up around places like Stalingrad every day? WOW!!

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