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Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored!

Article about: Hello colleagues, I show you this helmet that I took for a few Euros ... The second decal, I did not know who was there, unfortunately I too scratched. Concretely the soldier not spent well,

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    I think only Heer green on this helmet friend, the rest seems to be tones of oxidisation. Time exposed to the air or in the ground, cleaning with acid, and treatment with lacquers to stabilise can all change the colours which might be what you are seeing.

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    Ok friend ....
    This is possible, but on this helmet I do not think so ....

    When I get a chance I'll show you better pictures with the sunlight,
    and then we talk again!


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    Hello I'll show you this helmet better.
    I really think that the colors are two, I used oxalic acid
    I know this product and do not ruin the paint.

    Tell me what you think.


    Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored! Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored!
    Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored! Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored!

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    From what I can see there is only the heer green on this, like kradspam said oxidization, lacquers and acid do change the color of the paint, I also have a relic double decal and the lacquer made the reissued paint look a lot darker than it really was. Look at my helmet before and after acid and lacquer . But all in all still a nice helmet none the less!Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored!Relic M35 Double Decal ................Restored!

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    Ok friends I do not want the controversy ...
    I have it in my hand there and I know the effects of acid, me too
    some times you alter the color but it only alters the color of the iron ...
    Paint with this acid that we do not usuamo is absolutely ruined.

    If you possibly also alters the paint, the paint is altered throughout the helmet, not
    only in stripes!

    Your helmet has become darker and black and this can happen, but it did not change the color from green to blue.


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