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Where should I go now?

Article about: As a few of you know I was unlucky in getting a perfect m35 helmet becuase someone now has it on hold. I'm really lost as to where I should go with my collecting. My dad won't let me get any

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    Default Where should I go now?

    As a few of you know I was unlucky in getting a perfect m35 helmet becuase someone now has it on hold. I'm really lost as to where I should go with my collecting. My dad won't let me get anything with a swatsticka on it but anything else he's pretty much okay with. Also I'm only thirteen and my price range right now is 500 usd. Can you guys tell me some reliable militaria sites. I know a few but I'm still debating on some. BTW, right now in mostly interested in German ww2 stuff.

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    There are other WWII items that do not have a swastika! Are you only looking for German military? If not perhaps try something British, American, ect. If you are looking for something German without swastikas, you could always buy a bayonet or some other field equipment (canteen). There are many things to collect!

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    I got a k98 bayonet, but I'm thinking bout a gas mask, helmet or a greatcoat.

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    Only German items?

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    Right now I have a M42 helmet(really late war) no markings on chinstrap. I got a Us ww2 visor. K98 bayonet, my great grandads MP uniform from Okinawa. I got 10,5 cm kreigmsarine container, a 3,50 us container and round.

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    Well you are on your way to a good start there are plenty of helmets around and will be for a long time to come. I know the prices won't be any cheaper (probably) there is always a good market for quality helmets. To help with your question try some field gear it is usually no brainer stuff and is very popular equipment for the most part doesn't have a swastika like Entrenching tools, Mess kits, Gas masks, canteens however there could be a Waa stamp on some of it. You just would have to look it over but I find it quite nice without crazy prices and is a necessary item. timothy

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    There are lots of affordable German militaria-related items that don't have a visible swastika on them. In fact, they are often the most affordable. I'm not sure how your dad feels about the SA (Sturmabteilung) emblem, but there are a number of items that depict that but no swastika. Many people don't know what the SA symbol means, so it's generally not considered particularly offensive. As you may know, they were Hitler's stormtroopers and formed much of the 'muscle' of the early Nazi party until much of the leadership was executed on Hitler's orders during the Night of the Long Knives.

    The SA weren't actually part of the German military, of course, so if it's only Wehrmacht items that interest you, the others have already made some good suggestions. Most of the field equipment (mess kits, canteens, etc.) wasn't marked with a swastika, and you can get quite a lot for $500.

    The most important thing to do, I think, is be patient. When I first started, I overpaid for some things because I was anxious to have a big collection. Also, buy quality items and not damaged stuff. For example, you'll most likely be happier in the future if you have a more affordable item in great condition than a more costly that's suffered a lot of damage.

    That's just my opinion, and it's similar to advice that I got about collecting in general when I was younger. I'm still pretty new when it comes to militaria, but I've been collecting something or other since almost as far back as I can remember. Nothing can compete with real experience and study, though, so read up as much as possible and ask on here before you buy anything expensive.

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    Patience is the key. It's really up to you and where your interest
    lies, although an SA dagger is a cool thing to have.
    ( Tiny swastika on the grip ).........


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    You may want to take a look through the Classifieds here also. There are many nice items with decent prices listed here on any given day or time. If something catches your eye, simply ask what members here think of it (before you buy it) and you'll be good to go.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I bought an M35 and an M40 from Dave Shirlin at much cheaper than buying in Europe (even allowing for import duties taken by HMRC :-( )


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