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Winter Camouflage M35

Article about: Bought it in France, just wondering if you think the camouflage was painted post war or not

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    I may be wrong but like it. Marty
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    Circuit advertisement Winter Camouflage M35
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    I honestly can't say but the paint not being broken around the two front split pins I find odd. It seems like all I have seen that were worn with thick applied paint that the rivets moved enough to still break the paint in those areas. From the looks of it the helmet was well worn so I find that odd since the pins seem to loosen with wear .

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    Well thats another fine lid that has been ruined by a dodgy seller trying to boost the price. I just wish people would leave the helmets as the are found.

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    Quote by Feuerbach View Post
    Well thats another fine lid that has been ruined by a dodgy seller trying to boost the price. I just wish people would leave the helmets as the are found.
    I'll second that!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Hey Jerry It Looks like my Granddads upstairs lounge and dining room ceiling

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    This helmet needs a hands on, but it is likely that it has been pimped post war,though I could not say for certain.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Logictox, good point about the pins I did not see that. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Thanks for your replies everyone, I think I may as well hold onto this one...but thank!

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    A number of original White camos are posted on this site , compare it against those and the answer is there , in the negative !!
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    I read an article about camouflage, but I'm still going with that its post-war, here's the article: "The various paints used to camouflage helmets were derived from a concentrated paste that was issued in 2 kg. and 20 kg. cans. This paste was introduced in 1943 and was manufactured in such a way that it could be thinned with water or gasoline and applied by brush or spray gun. When thinned with water, the paste proved to be relatively unstable under harsh conditions. Running or smearing of the paint, especially before it was completely dried, was common. As a result gasoline became the preferred thinning agent over water. In some cases even motor oil was used as a thinning agent."

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