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Any tips on medal cleaning? (Specifically a 1914/15 star)

Article about: Hi all. This is mainly in relation to a 1914/15 star in the collection that I have noticed has an increasing amount of some sort of white deposit on it. I am just wondering if someone can re

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    I have done it and it looks a lot better. I used a toothbrush in the end and I couldn't find anything more suitable. it still retains the patina but the crud is gone. Thanks for the tips guys.

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    Circuit advertisement Any tips on medal cleaning? (Specifically a 1914/15 star)
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    As mentioned on the "Post your Australian badge here " blog ~ I was offered a small collection of AMF buttons and a "Belgium Service medallion" ~

    So Ed and I dropped into "Sandy's place on the way home and showed her our relics for the day and had a quick yarn as she is ex-military herself ~ thus shows a lot of interest in the WWII stuff I MD.

    With a promise of more bits to come it was a nice gesture on her part ~

    But the "Belgium medallion" actually turned into a Netherlands Service medal for services 1944-1945~

    Binnenlandsche strudkrachtens 1944-1945

    Reminder Interior Forces Insignia 1944-1945

    The Remembrance Interior Forces Insignia 1944-1945 was by Prince after the war Bernhard of the Netherlands set.

    The Prince of the Netherlands was in charge as of September 3rd 1944 , [1] much against the wishes of the Council of Ministers and of the Allies' Commander of the Interior Forces 'made. ;

    This Orangist armed militia had to fill the power vacuum that emerged after the expulsion of the Germans. The Prince played a major role. In the very dedicated his BS

    The Interior Forces, officially Dutch Interior Forces or "NBS" came from the three main opposition groups: the Ordedienst (OD), the National Knok Teams(HTL) and the Council of Resistance (RVV).

    The spontaneously organized or unorganized BS has numerous meritorious tasks performed and as commander of the BS was Prince Bernhard, as the commander of a victorious army corps accrues to Commander in the Military William Order appointed. For the men of the Interior Forces there was no decoration or visible tribute.

    They were not eligible for the Mobilisation War Cross of the War Memorial Cross . The Resistance Cross was only established in 1980.

    Therefore, immediately after the war on the personal initiative of Prince Bernhard insignia set a reminder to all members of the Interior Forces is awarded.

    The Remembrance Insignia is an oval bronze plaque of 25 by 20 millimeters. On the front is a crowned "B" appears with the legend "INTERIOR CAL FORCES 1944-1945". In the outskirts, under the '4 'of "1944" beginning and ending under the '1' from "1945", the abbreviation "VE MI". Presumably these are the initials of the designer.

    [2] On the reverse side is the signature of Prince Bernhard made ​​in high relief. In addition there is a toggle on the back to carry. The badge on the lapel of a jacket

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    So today as I decided to have a rest day I thought I would give the medal a whirl in the Jewellery cleaner ~and a follow up polish ~

    Here is the result ~

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