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Can i clean this winter camo helmet? How?

Article about: I have always used Cambridge traditional beeswax polish. This is a natural polish straight out of a jar. Don't use spray polish its crap. Using the cream really does inhibit the rust process

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    Default Can i clean this winter camo helmet? How?

    Hi all! I would like to "restore" and clean this winter camo helmet as much as possible, how can i clean it without remove the winter camo paint? that's the point, i don't want to remove paint at all, any tip for clean a bit the rust or make the helmet more "beautiful"? I has been told that it's quite difficult because the winter paint it's too fragile, (and the helmet has been a little bit cleaned by the seller), but i was wondering if a quick bath with oxalic acid, or lemon juice could help me a bit...

    I had other relic/semirelic helmets, that i was cleaned with acid oxalic, and with gasoline ( when the gasoline is still wet, the helmets looks very "clean" and nice but when it dry, comes to the begining point, more or less...)

    I'm pretty new about cleaning items so i came here for your advices! how to clean it/not to clean it or whatever. Thank you very much to all!!

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    The usual advice on this forum is do nothing to anything. If pieces are flaking off the helmet I would treat it, but otherwise I think you are best to leave it alone.

    I like the helmet.

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    I agree with Douglas, leave it as it is unless it is falling apart.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Yes, leave it.

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    Do nothing!
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    Leave it be!...
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    + 1, it's so rare to find one original....
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    Thank you very much to all for your opinions!!
    It seems that there is a common opinion, so i'm going to let it just the way it is

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    I have a strong feeling to let it be as well, however I would also be tempted to quell the rust problem so the white wash does not further deteriorate. I've used a product called WD-40 on relic helmets I have and it helps, but it is not a permanent fix and must be applied every now and then.
    Also, I like the helmet too thanks for sharing!

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    Keep it in a dry place William away from moisture or salt air.

    The rust is still active and it will continue to flake ( as can be seen from the blisters )
    A coat of wax or fixative will stop the air attacking it ( but which no one is in favour of as winter cammos are so hard to find ) so find a closed display case and just enjoy looking at it.

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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