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Complete restoration project on a M42 helmet

Article about: hey guys I got a M42 relic helmet on ebay it's in rough condition but still a solid helmet so dents or holes front age, the only problem it has is rust pitting and lots of it, I got this as

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    Default Complete restoration project on a M42 helmet

    Hey guys I want to get a M42 relic helmet on ebay it's in rough condition but still a solid helmet no dents or holes from age, the only problem it has is rust pitting and lots of it, I got this as a fun restoration project. I don't want to paint it or anything I just want to get rid of the rust pitting. also I'm a first timer to restoring helmets so would getting actual WWII decals and applying them to the helmet be a bad idea? thanks in advance!

    Here's an image of the helmet I want to get.
    Name:  $_12.jpg
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    The only thing I can think of is obtaining a product like bondo. Bondo Home
    lightly sand the helmet apply bondo then sand it smooth. I know you said you don want to paint it, but I am not sure there is a clear agent that could be applied. just my 2 cents good luck

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    It will be a heap of work and a disappointing result ( tried it once )

    Pay a bit more for a better shell - the filler is not cheap & will make up the $ difference!
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    Personally, I'd leave it as it is - a nice period relic.
    If you go about painting and decaling it, it will
    never be a true Third Reich era helmet, only
    a 'wanna be' and have no real collector


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    Leave it as it is. Get some pieces of relic medals, some german barb wire. And make an shelf with "3th reich, 70years later" look.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    I would totaly play with this one, yes buy nicer helmet and keep it original. Patato like this will give you a lot of fun while restoring to its original state.

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    I'd either leave as is or sand, fill and paint.

    The idea with a few medal relics and German barbed wire (is it the same as German WWI barbed wire?) as TrondK mentions is a good one.


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    If it's really, really cheap then by all means have a go, I'd say. I just did ( the result is on another thread somewhere here ). The filler I used came in a tube and cost about £8. It's quite a lot of work, but you're up close to your helmet which teaches you quite a lot about the construction, details etc. I actually had a lot of fun, the result is nice to look at - and the bonus is, you ( like me ) will then decide to take your time, save up some more money, and look out for a good one armed with the knowledge you've gained while playing with the rough one. Use the 'search' button, and you will find masses of information on this Forum which will help you......

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