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Extreme ageing.....Results

Article about: I was only working on the liner and cover.....don't wanna wreck a perfectly good shell!!!!

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    Default Extreme ageing.....Results

    Here are the results of my ageing experiment that I started on another thread....I dont have any before photos, but keep in mind this was a brand new repro SS helmet cover and brand new liner...

    If i told you exactly what I have done to this, I would be branded as "special" and banished to a village of village idiots, where I would be the village idiot!!!

    Its still needs to dry out a bit, but it was fun, it would no way fool anyone that the damage was period, but it will make a nice display somewhre in my collection...

    Actually one thing that surprised me....the shell was repainted a few years back by me as it was a seriouslt mucked with shell, I added an SS decal and gave it a coat of laquer.....for a water slide decal, it survived two runs thru the dishwasher at 70 Degrees C
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Extreme ageing.....Results   Extreme ageing.....Results  

    Extreme ageing.....Results   Extreme ageing.....Results  

    Extreme ageing.....Results  

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    Looks good, I believe the technique is getting better and better with each helmet.

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    I try all sorts of weird just my project shell and will probaly change again in a coupla years!!!! It's all for my own personal pleasure!!!

    Thanks for your omment

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    The dishwasher? I bet the wife loves That next to her good

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    I'm the haus Frau....washing up gets done during the day, so why not slip it in to get a full load.....I'm saving water!!!!

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    [Quote][If i told you exactly what I have done to this, I would be branded
    as "special" and banished to a village of village idiots,][Quote]

    Lol - Well, at least you'll have a helmet to wear.........

    I've been toying with the idea of 'aging' a German camo cover
    and a USMC Mitchell cover as well. I like the results of the
    ones I've seen on the Forum - including this one.........!
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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    I won't be wearing it, it will go back on my manaquin in a yreas time, but will sit nicely on the shelf for now.....I did all sorts to it.i didn't want a relic look, just a used by Landser look....I looked at what my own helmet cover went thru in east Timor, Iraq and exercises in austrslia.....and as you probaly know military equipment has more thsn one use!!!!

    Here's a quick run down

    Frozen in a bucket of water and left in the freezer for three days,
    Dishwasher twice
    Dogs toy
    Dug a few holes in the garden bed and buried for a week
    Left in the back of my trailer loose and gone for a Nicole long drive
    Gas cooker stovetop
    Raided the pantry
    Attacked with ka bar
    Boot polish
    Using it as a hand towel to wipe my hands on
    Cheese grater

    That's done of the things...I also soaked it for two dys in my secret solution!!!!

    Which village needs an idiot???
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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    Quote by AMTG View Post
    ...........gone for a Nicole long drive
    Did this involve a vehicle of any description or did you take her for a drive indoors ?

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    LOL......typo....meant to say "nice long drive"

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    Default Re: Extreme ageing.....Results

    You need to try hydrocloric acid. Treat helmet and cover seperately and DON'T whipe the acid off when they're treated.

    Put them outside for a couple of days, make sure the rain doesn't wash the acid off. Put them under the ground afterwards.

    Results should be splendid. Make sure you use a lot of acid and a little bit of water, to create high acid concentration. Should rust quickly under the ground, and should effect the metal.


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