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How to..... Cartridge cleaning

Article about: Cheers, Ade.

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    Default How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Hi guys

    Thought i'd share with you my method for cleaning old ww2 cartridges. Now i have to say that i very VERY rarely do this as i much prefer keeping them in their original 'as found' state. It keeps their history and 'personality'.

    However, if you want to clean a cartridge that's been in the ground for 60 years to a High shine, here's how.

    You start with this......

    And finish with THIS !

    1. Clean in soapy water first.

    2. Clean with a wire brush attachment on an electric drill and repeat step 1. Dry.

    3. Using a smaller drill if you have one (I used a Dremmel precision rotary thingy) scrub the cartridges with a sanding flap wheel. Get as fine a grade sandpaper flap wheel as you can. This should at least get the cartridge back to a more recognisable brass. Repeat step 1 again, and dry.

    4. Following this step I then used a buffing pad and some fine grade grinding paste, again using the Dremmel. Use the paste all over the cartridge to remove the scratches left by the sandpaper flap wheel. Be careful at this bit because the metal does get VERY hot ! Do not clean in soapy water again ! The cartridge has seen the last of water !

    5. Once this step is done, clean the casing with a clean cloth and then move to the next step. Use a new buff pad but this time use Brasso or similar metal cleaner. Be careful here as well as when you start the drill alot of the brasso flies out and sprays everywhere !

    6. Finish of by wiping clean and rubbing with a clean cloth then, for extra shine, use a new buff pad and just use it on its own.

    Hope you find this useful


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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    They came out real nice relichunter! I do some reloading and if anyone has a tumbler, all you need is corn cob media. Some is treated. If not, you can add a polisher (liquid) It does a super job and is less abrasive.

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Nice relichunter! Well done!

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Thanks guys

    I have just discovered something that guys probably all knew about ! Hammerite Rust it from Halfords. Wicked stuff !!!! Dissolves oxidised metal.....iron, bras, copper.......the LOT !

    I'll post a pic of the bits i have cleaned with this stuff sometime soon


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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    How did it work? I hope you weren't dissolved?

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Will Hammerite rust away be any good to use on a relic helmet thats fairly well surface corroded?, it has paint and a heer decal still visible and i dont want to damage it, its a nice piece from the stalingrad area, bullet hole to the side and rear apron.

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Hi Ron, you would not want to use it on a helmet like this.

    Checkout the thread in which Dimas used Oxalic acid to remove surafce rust safely from a helmet.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    oh ok, where do i get that from? and do i have to "water it down" with any thing?

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    I have never used this myself but the results Dimas has shown on the forum are fantastic. You can buy it here from a UK supplier:

    Oxalic Acid Crystals

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: How to..... Cartridge cleaning

    Oops !

    Sorry guys forgot to post a pic ! I'll sort one and post it

    BTW.....I am surprised no-one picked up on the typo in my post....

    ' .....iron, BRAS, Copper...... '

    Correct me if i am wrong but i don't think Rust Away would have much effect on a bra. Unless it was one of those really old ones with iron supporting straps.'ll remember the old kind of bras. Will it work ?


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