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How to paint Stahlhelm camo?

Article about: Hello guys. I have a German Stahlhelm, which I'd like to paint to some camouflage theme (dont worry, it's postwar M55 Finnish model). Can you direct me to some good site which has good instr

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    Default Re: How to paint Stahlhelm camo?

    I ordered Feldgrau and Dunkelgelb spray bottles. We'll see what I can make with them. Any great ideas how to paint it?

    Dave, I didnt quite understand what you meant with breaking the outline. I thought that I broke the outline, when I scattered those brown areas all around it and to the edges too. I've seen quite a few pics of original ww2 camo stahlhelms and atleast to my eye, many of them break the outline even worse than mine :O

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    hey Finnlander! I think sprays will work much better! They leave a better overall finish and makes it much easier to blend the colors! I look forward to seeing the results! Here is a "Normandy" style spray scheme I did. I did not texture this helmet by the way. Although I have found the easiest way to texture sprayed helmets is first apply a heavy coat of paint then simply sprinkle the texture heavily onto the wet coat then let dry. Then remove the excess by gently rubbing over the helmet shell then apply several more coats of paint to seal in the remaining texture to shell. With this helmet I First applied a base coat of tan all over then simply finished with quick blending sprays of green and brown all over. Took me no time at all! Cheers! Sean.

    How to paint Stahlhelm camo?How to paint Stahlhelm camo?

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    Nice tips Sean. Appreciated. I'll get to sanding the old away. While surfing the net, I found this guide: HOW TO REFURBISH RESTORE GERMAN HELMET - COME RESTAURARE ELMETTO TEDESCO

    It's got a pretty nice texture. I wonder do I have enough time to drip the dirt on the first surface, because sprays tend to dry pretty quickly..?

    Btw, do you have any experience from Mil-Tec WH sprays? The site I ordered them from, says that some movie makers use those very same sprays for their equipment too.

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    It's got a pretty nice texture. I wonder do I have enough time to drip the dirt on the first surface, because sprays tend to dry pretty quickly..?

    Take another look. He uses wood glue not wet paint to fix the the dirt, try following by example would be my advice seeing as you've been prepared to come this far. Don't tempt fate by using your own methods, the result of which has already been demonstrated after ignoring the 2 previous pages of advice freely given by other members.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Hi Finnlander! Yes the coats do dry quick and you have be careful that the paint does not run while your applying the texture having sprayed it on heavy. I find you will need more than a few coats in reality to get a good covering. Getting the balance right can be a bit tricky but its worth it. That is how I did that M42 I previously posted! Again you can experiment with it. I have to disagree with the guide as good as it is actually as the German's never used wood glue to apply texture. Although that said if you want to try it that way do so it probably is a lot less hassle! It is your choice. Just because we will give you advice on here does not automatically mean you have follow it! Although it would be recommended Cheers! Sean.

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    Im not tempting my fate here. Im now using advices given before. I heard that the glue is just one way to apply it and im not actually following that guide, though it has good advices too.
    I've followed advices given before. The green paint should've been matte and so should've the brown been, but no. That's what I thought, and then when I realized that it's too glossy, it was too late, so I decided to splash the brown one in too, to check how it looks. What does it matter, when it had to be redone already all over again at that point? The colour of the green seemed okay to me and someone else agreed with me that it looks okay. Then I asked others' opinions about the result, that's it. Dont drop salt to open wounds.

    Yeah I will propably do a couple base coats - dirt - another layer of feldgrau - dunkelgelb sprays. Yeah, I dont have to follow your advices, but I do want to get it as correct as possible

    I started scrubbing the old paint off, and it turned to be a nightmare. It was really difficult to scrub it with all the rough texture all around it. Then a light bulb popped over my head: Hot air blower. I dont know if it's the correct name for it in english, but anyways you propably understand what I mean. I started using it on the surface and voilá, the paint started dripping off! I've not finished it yet, but will continue soon. If I will find an efficient way to get the paint off from the hot surface, I can get it easily to bare metal. That's a wonderful invention..
    The bottles should arrive here tomorrow or the day after


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    Default Re: How to paint Stahlhelm camo?

    And the lid is ready for another round! It looks actually pretty cool like this
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture How to paint Stahlhelm camo?   How to paint Stahlhelm camo?  

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    If you want to be as authentic as possible, paint it feldgrau (RAL6006 I think) with aluminum oxide texture. Then paint a nice camo on it with flat enamel-based paint.

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    Default Re: How to paint Stahlhelm camo?

    Hey Finnlander Great job on getting that paint off! It does cool as is! Look forward to seeing the finished product! OB I used the aluminium oxide recently and loved the finished result! I recommend it. Cheers! Sean.

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    Thanks guys.
    This is the feldgrau I ordered:

    Spray-maali, Wehrmacht Feldgrau -

    The site dont even talk about what RAL it is.

    You made some good points. I also do have fine sand available, with which I could make the texture. It's a pain in the arse trying to find good enamel paints here, so I think I'll figure something out with the dunkelgelb. Do you have any pics of Feldgrau/Dunkelgelb camos? With just those two, nothing else.

    I checked the order status, and the bottles might very well be here for tomorrow


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