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How to remove rust

Article about: sorry forgot to take pictures of the stage looked like before but can send photos how it looks now can upload them tomorrow. But next time I do it I can get some pictures before and after fo

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    Default How to remove rust

    Howdy guys,

    What do you think about this?

    Netvideo :: Cum se indeparteaza rugina

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    Default Re: How to remove rust


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    that`s very good Adi !


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    Witchcraft Adi pure witchcraft steer well clear!!!

    Looks like a fantastic remedy to the the old metal mold.
    thanks for posting it.


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    Yep. Electricity is the best friend for me also.
    Have a few items cleaned this way (including helmets) and the results are amazing. No harsh chemicals involved and no further damage to the base metal.

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    Mannlicher, you said that you have done this method (or one like it) does it do damage to paint?

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    I've successfully used this method on rusted-out things, it works great, but i think it will damage existing paint on the metal.

    The water breaks in h and o at the surface of the metal and lifts anything non-metallic sticking to it. Maybe next time i'll try to clean a painted piece of sheet metal, so we'll know the definitive answer

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    I are testing this method, now with a spoon. It looks good so far.

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    Great idea, anyone who tries it please let us know how it works. I have a couple of items and I'm going to try it on one, thanks for the video. John

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    Hi kemi, hi John,

    Can you please show us some pics, before and after?

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