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M35 Project

Article about: New Helmet Project. Hey Guys. This is an M35 I picked up a while back. It was painted black and had fake decals. (see pics) The worst part of this helmet is the liner that was inserted proba

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    Default M35 Project

    New Helmet Project.
    Hey Guys. This is an M35 I picked up a while back. It was painted black and had fake decals. (see pics)

    The worst part of this helmet is the liner that was inserted probably ex motorcycle was installed had extra holes drilled in it to fit a different liner- wich was disintegrating due to poor storage by last owner.

    Also no marks on the inside of the shell. either covered in paint or rust. Im sure I will find them at some point.

    So I decided to attempt to start getting some of the crappy black paint job and fake decals off.

    The outside of the shell also has some knicks from age but it was all covered in the black paint.

    With Nail polish remover I started in on this. Black comes off rather easy. revealing a pea green paint layer.

    Below the layer there is a darker green layer with awesome tecture which is probably its original paint.

    Wanted to post pics and let you know how hit goes.

    Of course if I am proposing or doing something stupid please chime in.

    Tired to take best pics I could color in not pics isn't perfect but its representative.
    Thanks in advanceM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 Project
    General P
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M35 Project   M35 Project  

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    M35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 Projecttoday's progress

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    Keep going! Would love to see how this baby turns out when she's back in her old glory.

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    I managed to get the black off. the helmet was nicked up so some of the chipped areas have black down in them.

    The front has a massive scratch down to the shell

    Shell shows 2 coats of green paint one is darker them the other.

    There is a base coat with nice uniform texture. ( rubbed areas below the vent holes).

    I need some input.

    I torn between two choices seeing if I can bring it down to the base coat or keep it as is

    I am not sure if the current look is how it was period or if it was painted more recently. I don't have any experience with camo helmets.
    Thanks in advance
    General P
    M35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 ProjectM35 Project

    What do you guys think.

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    What I think is, that you have a Spanish helmet.........


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    Yep, I agree.....Spanish lid with the front bracket removed and someone in the past has repainted and modified it to resemble a German helmet. Those extra holes you have are for the Spanish liner sysrem

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    Thanks guys, lots of stuff wasn't making sense on this. thankfully almost no money on this one. I will use it for paint ball or target practice.
    I appreciate it.

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    there is quite a lot of upside to this project.
    I got to mess around with paint stripping ect.

    I thought this was german in the beginning and I am gonna be honest rather embarrassed

    that aside I was thinking if I did mess something up, I would be working on a torn up helmet that I have little money in.
    Lessons learned on this project
    #1 materials.
    I used regular strength nail polish remover (thinned acetone),
    and Professional strength nail polish remover (%100 Acetone)
    I used cotton balls, and both round and square cotton pads. I also employed paper towels.
    All of these have advantages
    light lifting cotton balls,heavier scrubbing used the shaped pads and for rough scrubbing paper towels.

    if there is anything at all I want you guys to take away from this is don't F*ck around with the Acetone.
    I may sound like an ass or a naggin parent its important.

    Even at the Fire House with a huge ass exaust fan I needed to don a m-59 gas mask to comfortably pull this off.
    Being a trained Hazmat Tech I have seen people pay dearly for even messing around with household chemicals.

    there is no safe level of acetone to be exposed to.

    It is extremely flammable in both liquid and vapor states.

    #1 if you don't want to learn how it feels to be the victim of a ww1 gas attack wear respiratory protection.

    #2 unless Trying to erase your fingerprints , because your an arch criminal or spy wear use decent gloves!

    #3 unless interested to see how it feels to be the human torch make sure there are no ignition sources in the area which you are working.

    heed my warnings


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    A lesson learned and a thumbs up earned... Sorry GP... Probably a great time doing it though ?
    Attached Images Attached Images M35 Project 
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Get someone to weld in the odd Spanish holes, bondo
    the front gouge, and refinish it in whatever style you
    like. Repro liners and chinstraps are not too
    expensive. Make a display piece.........


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