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M40 helmet ??????

Article about: well ive been looking round & if you mean Oxalic Acid then i can get it on ebay for 5.00 a tub ???

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    thats why im trying to strip my back to how it would have been

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    Hi Nick, in your case I would agree. Once something has been badly messed with the damage is already done. The best you can do is try to put things right the best you can.

    But if the item is merely worn and missing parts from kicking around for 65 years or more, this is what I don't like to see being messed with. A heck of a lot of good honest but worn militaria is ruined by good intentions of owners wanting to "improve" it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi guys , regarding the use of the acetone i got an old rag and dipped it in the acetone then gently rubbed a spot , the acetone works quite fast on the water base paint , slower, sometimes not at all on enamel paints , just depends what you plan for your lid , go slow is the secrect if your trying to take paint off to get back to original , hope this helps , cheers Raymond

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    Quote by PHILBROWN View Post
    i didnt know ade seen your back
    it took me like 10 minutes to figure what the hell your on about

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    i learn much from sensei BROWN...................i have no clue what that is but i learn much of it

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    Acetone is very good as a light paint cleaner, but remember this stuff is very bad for your health so wear gloves. As to stripping do as Ade says and don't rush to restore the item until your 100% sure this is the right move. What I would say is that for anyone wanting to strip old paint from steel ,Caustic Soda works really well, this will remove old paint finishes including the lead based paints used during WWII. This is a lot safer than using acid base products which will promote fresh rust to form within hours. Also if the Caustic solution is kept at boiling point, it will also remove surface rust


    P. S. Ade asking to see forum members helmets, Oh Matron NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Don't you encourage him, I know him of old!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hei Nick, if you're sure that the helmet is in relic condition under the paint, why don't you sand blast the thing and skip the use of chemicals?

    Or if you just want to go one layer after the other, use ordinary paint stripper. It will work nicely on that new paint...

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    hiya mannlicher
    im fairly sure its was relic condition before someone messed with it, sand blasting is a good idea but i have no access to this kind of equipment & im still considering paint remover as a test to see how it goes but i need it to remover the filler as well. but we will see i have ordered some of the acid stuff still waiting for that but im going to have to get something to do it all in as well.

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    Sandblast it have nothing to loose, in fact it will strip away the filler and cr*p , and you may end up with a helmet with some character.

    Any decent car restoration or a flick through the yellow pages will reveal someone with one

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