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M40 Restoration Polizei

Article about: Hello, I am resorting another Quist 64, lot number T1091. I have had this helmet for a good few years and done nothing with it. This one was a little different from the others I have tried i

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    Default M40 Restoration Polizei

    I am resorting another Quist 64, lot number T1091.
    I have had this helmet for a good few years and done nothing with it.
    This one was a little different from the others I have tried in that it has an original liner, however not original to the helmet as it is dated 1942.
    It had post war Czech black paint on the inside and some sort of greenish post war paint outside.
    As of now the plan is to make a Polizei helmet.Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Jonathan, look's to be the start of another exciting restoration project for you, thanks for sharing this one and I will be tuning in again to see the progress

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    me too.

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    First coat of paint applied to the outside of the shell and the rivets.
    The rivets (not pictured are ebay, Czech made) and are way better than others
    I have got from the UK. Much flatter, not quite as dome shaped and about a third of the price.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0349.jpg 
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    Hi all,
    It's completed except for a coat of varnish on the party shield.
    I think it's turned out very well, and I am pleased with it.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0361.jpg 
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Name:	DSCF0365.jpg 
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    It took a little longer than planned, I made a horse's ass of applying the party decal and had to order another one.
    These helmet restorations have been great fun and at times a little challenging.
    But well worth it, I am a happy Bunny!

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    I normally do not care for these restoration projects but I must admit that this one came out real nice... good job!

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    That's pretty damn good!

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    That looks like an excellent job you have done there and that an original helmet having been badly corrupted postwar has been returned to something much more akin to the original state. As collectible in its' own right as any restored antique .

    I am really a badge and awards collector but have loads of "background" items to support my collection as I suppose many of us do. I have always wanted a polizei stahlhelm but whenever they have presented themselves they have been either in too poor condition or I just haven't had the "readies".

    Like many of us I bought a Q64 ex Norwegian helmet with original liner back in the 70's and as I still have it it suggests itself as a candidate for this kind of project. I have previously stripped and painted it with the spray paint currently marketed in Germany as "Feldgrau" but I don't really like the colour.

    Would you be kind enough to tell me about the paint you used and where you got the decals?

    Once again, nice job.



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    Hi Severin,

    You've achieved some fantastic results there. I'd like to enquire about the best place to source the paint and decals too if you have time?


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    Hello Mark,
    I am in the same boat as you, but with me it's firearms that's my main focus.
    I have only recently restored a few, so am by no means an expert!
    But the places I have found for paint and decals are Jim is the chaps name who runs the site.
    He is very helpful and will happily send half an hour on the phone giving lots of advise.
    Plus of course other kind folks on the forum!
    I have got paint and decals from him.
    Also Soldier Of Fortune Modern Military Re-enactor Airsoft Clothing and Equipment with mixed results.
    The SS decals I thought were very good, on the other hand the Luftwaffe ones were pretty poor.
    If you need rivets then ebay is the way forward, vit-zemanek is the sellers name.
    With the Polizei, the Pollizei decal is from War Memorbilia, party shield from Soldier of Fortune.
    Happy I am not the only one pleased with my handy work!
    One thing, don't try in door spray painting, I did Oh dear!
    I and others I am sure would be happy to see your results if you decide to give it a go.
    All the very best,

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