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M42 Restoration

Article about: I've talked to my dad, and he says I should leave it as is, heck he wants me to strip the paint off and leave it as a relic; and if I want a minty helmet I should buy a replica. What do you

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    Default M42 Restoration

    Hi all,

    I've just received a package from the mailman, and sure enough it contains an M42 I won a while back. Here's the serial numbers I can decypher: c 66
    And below that: 55047

    After the "c" there's two letters I can't read.

    M42 Restoration
    M42 Restoration
    M42 Restoration

    I've talked to Phill (WOODSNAKE) and decided to restore the helmet. I think it was a nice buy for 7$. I'll post updates as I progress.


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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Good luck mate, I look forward to seeing how you tackle it!!!

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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Having done some research, I think it's a CKL66. It may be worth mentioning that the stamping is on the back of the skirt, not the side as I expected. Aren't post war helmets marked at the rear?


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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    The helmet will be a ckl (ET) made helmet, size 66 and the lot number is 55047. Good luck on the restoration, what are you going to do it up as?

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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Quote by Nitram View Post
    Having done some research, I think it's a CKL66. It may be worth mentioning that the stamping is on the back of the skirt, not the side as I expected. Aren't post war helmets marked at the rear?

    I believe some, if not all M42s are marked on the rear skirt (I could be WAY off...). What are your plans for restoring this lid?

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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Current plans are to fill in all the holes with multiple layers of body filler, smooth it all out and get a liner and chinstrap, reproductions due to budget constraints. Past that I'm not really sure, I'm open to suggestions as to what it should be done up as. If anyone knows who was issued with this batch, then I'd restore it to original specs.


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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    For 7 Bucks Mate you could paint it bright Pink and you'd still have a bargain!! well done, look forward to seeing you bring it back to life, and i Love your idea of trying to find out what branch of the forces it was originally issued to, i'm sure some one can help you out there, Good Luck and can't wait to see it when your finished, i have a Good friend on here by the name of Davejb who helped me with my restos, he has a wealth of knowledge and i'm sure he'll help you out aswell if you need to know something.

    Cheers Phill

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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    I could not find that batch number on the database, but I would say it woul have been a dark grey or grey green textured finish originally. I can post up pics of one of mine if you like.

    You will find a lot of M42's are marked on the rear skirt as well, a late war practice

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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Hah, don't tempt me Phil :P

    Thanks for looking VolksJager, appreciate the help. I imagine you have a book with the batch numbers? As I've been unable to find a database online only references to books, which would probably be a good investment in the long run. I'd love to see photos of yours for reference.


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    Default Re: M42 Restoration

    Books are great for reference, will help you along really well.

    Here is some pics of mine, its a CKL just a terrible stamping at the back for the size, lot number 4040. Its in the dark grey textured finish with what is left of a winter white wash.

    M42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 Restoration


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