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M42 Restoration

Article about: Hey Jonathan! What a brilliant job you have done with this restoration! It looks absolutely great, Well finished and well put together! Should be a cracking display piece! A lovely condition

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    Default M42 Restoration

    I have an M42 ET64 helmet and I am just starting to restore it. I have stripped the post war Czech black paint, so it's back to bare metal.
    It's in great shape, no dents or pitting, etc.
    I have one question should I prime it first, or just apply paint straight to the bare metal?

    Many thanks,
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    Hi, mate, i am a way through refurbishing an M1 US Schuleter, i stripped mine right back like yours and applied a primer one which will protect against rust, good luck with it, pictures would be nice you can view mine in the US M1 helmets section.
    Also Seandm has restored German helmets do a search you can find them.

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    Hello greatwhite,
    Thanks for the reply, looks a coat of primer is the way forward.
    I will go and have a look at your US M1.
    Here are a few pictures.M42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 Restoration

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    Nice condition that, take your time do plenty of research and view as many of other peoples projects as you can, there is a sub section on refurbishment, also if you can try to obtain original replacement parts, good luck and keep us informed.

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    The parts to complete the restoration arrived, and in the end I did apply a coat of primer first.
    I have just finished, I hope painting. I started painting outside but decided it was a touch breezy.
    So I made the mistake of finishing painting in the kitchen.
    I Covered all the areas I thought would possibly get paint on and in this I was successsful.
    However I didn't count on the fine layer of paint that seemed to go everywhere!
    I would like to thank seandm and Greatwhite for all the advise they have given me.
    I should be fitting the liner, chinstrap etc tomorrow.
    Pictures taken in the now redecorated kitchen, which cleaned up just fineM42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 Restoration

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    Can't wait to see the finished product!

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    If I restored a helmet I would just paint it and not prime it and age it up a bit, but good luck with your resto and show us when your finished!

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    Quote by severin View Post
    So I made the mistake of finishing painting in the kitchen.
    Im more worried getting the items past the Mrs. ...but painting of items in your kitchen....if you are married..your wife is a saint .

    Nice job BTW Regards Larry
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    True, Larry...I was just sitting here idly wondering why he's still breathing....I certainly wouldn't have been at that But, so far, so good-it does look like a decent start on it!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Sadly, no Mrs. Severin and if there were I don't know how long she would be around seeing the state of the kitchen once I had finished my handy work!
    Well the liner has been fitted, thought I was going to lose blood supply to my thumb prizing the liner away to get the washer on the first pin at the back.
    But we got there in the end, the decal is drying now.
    I think it turned out pretty good and for my first attempt for my part I am rather pleased.
    I wouldn't be surprised if I have another go at doing another one, I just think I won't be painting indoors anytime soon!!!
    Once again a big fat thank to seandm and Greatwhite for the advise.
    Have a laugh, I mean have a look at my handy work! M42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 RestorationM42 Restoration


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