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Medal ribbon: need help please

Article about: I have damaged goods, ribbon was mint. How can I fix this. Thanks in advance.

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    Put them between a towel and iron them for a few moments with a steam iron. They will flatten out and uncurl just fine.

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    Chrisk, It's a shame that this has happened... Have you made any determination as to the source of the defect,
    and tried to remedy the situation any further in the future ? Thanks goodness it wasn't a stamp collection that may have washed away by spilling a little bit of grog or other substance of liquid and really creating a "Sticky situation " Your friend G..
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    This happened during the move G, not sure how it happened.

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    I know I am going to sound like someone at the airport but. did you pack it yourself. Your in AZ correct, did your stuff get roasted in a trailer ect during the move? If so they might have had a very very slight amount of moisture and when the roasted they curly, just throwing it out there.

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    A very good observation GP... Plausible... FL to AZ may have had an effect... G-man
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    I moved back to Florida from Az. I haven't changed it yet. I packed them my self.

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    MAP is online now



    As William and I said, use an iron with a towel. You don't want the direct heat on the ribbon. My Mom would use a slightly damp towel (very slightly damp) years ago as I don't think she had a steam iron. As you note, you don't have an iron. Maybe there is a nice old lady (not joking on this) you know with many years of experience in ironing who could help.
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    Chrisk, have you tried Wagriff's solution ?? G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Quote by Chrisk View Post
    This happened during the move G, not sure how it happened.
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    They are destroyed. Sorry, so just send the ruined medals to me- i will dispose of them....

    No seriously do as the other suggested. Water on the ribbon, then place the ribbon under two pieces of glass. Put something heavy on top. (bible would do)
    Wait one week and Voila, as good as new.

    Be careful if you drying under heat or strong light. (no bueno i believe) use room temperature only.

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