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Restored M42..SS

Article about: About the texture paint effect you mentioned, i have purchased my paint and a sachet of texture, from this website: German WW2 Helmet Paint RAL6006 & RAL7009 and Restorer When you buy th

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    Default Restored M42..SS

    Here is my first attempt at restoring a post war mucked with original M42.

    A lot of experimentation and trying anything that I thought would work to age a Brand new repro liner, the chinstrap still has to have a bit of aging, as well as the paint. The decal is a repro from "At the front".

    It took me a while to find a paint colour that looked right, and ended up using an old shaving brush to paint it with after some undercoating and shading with an airbrush.

    I think it looks right enough to fill a gap in my collection, and overall I am happy with it. To tell you the truth it was kind of eye opening to see how easy it is to make new leather look old, and using my own experience of wearing Kevlar helmets in the Army ( I know they dont have leather liners) and using my old Kevlar to see where sweat stains etc, and general wear and tear occured helped me to work on the repro!!! I really wanted the textured paint effect, but couldnt get it fine enough without it looking like a lamington!!! for those who dont know a lamington is a small sponge cake,dipped in chocolate and covered in desicated coconut

    Any comments would be appreciated
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Restored M42..SS   Restored M42..SS  

    Restored M42..SS   Restored M42..SS  

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Very nice!
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Thankyou for your comment, like I said it was a total experiment, and I think it looks nearly right, but easily detectable as a fake!

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Yeah, but it is hard to make a helmet look real without ruining it.
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    exactly right, I didnt really want this to look like a "barn find" or relic, I just wanted a fairly accurate representation of a SS helmet. I would not have used a original shell with some of the original paint, this was a totaly stripped and repianted shell, that I had the opportunity to buy and have something to play with if you will. I also included the close up of the decal, which I feel is fairly accurate, but with a bit of work could me made to look "authentic".

    Yeh so basiclay it was for my pleasure, to fill a gap in my collection, and to give those who see my collection what a SS helmet of this model may have looked like.

    And I don't want to ruin a perfectly good shell, but trying to dent it or make it rusty,just to give it a "salty" look!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    I played a bit football with my repro SS helmet before reenactment, worked well.

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Nice representation there mate, i found a neat little way to age a chin strap, after having roughed up the surface and edges i found there appeared a frayed edge look to the edges as in your picture, in order to get rid of this i ran a naked flame from a lighter down both sides, if done properly the edges become a little harder and age better, just a tip, it works for me

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Thanks mate!!!! I will do that,,

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Another way to achieve the above is with a soldering iron!

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    Default Re: Restored M42..SS

    Thanks for your tips!!!!!

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