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Restoring a M35

Article about: Thanks mate I have not been totally gone, but not much time for sitting and sending helmets at night. Things start to be relatively normal now. all the best, Lars

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    Default Restoring a M35

    Hello Gents. I'm restoring a M35 relic condition helmet. Originally i wanted to do a M42, but for now it will be this one. I have a few questions though i hope you can help me with.

    - Is it possible to buy new vent rivets? They are not in the best condition.
    - I will make a "East Front camo" helmet. What will be the right choice of color for the base layer? Feldgrau No.2 or other? I will give the base layer structure with aluminum oxide.
    - I could also need some help with the camo colors. Is it a "free for all" or is there some standard colors for this. I hope to get some names, then i will find the RAL numbers myself.

    Here is some pics of the very beginning. I will update as often as i can. There is quite a lot of filler on the helmet, but this filler is fast reacting. I only have about 3-4 minutes to work with it. Lots of sanding to do.

    Now it just needs a good coat of paint

    Restoring a M35Restoring a M35Restoring a M35Restoring a M35Restoring a M35

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    Thanks a LOT Moe. You're the man. Have been asking a lot about the colors with no answers for some reason.

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    Is there by any chance a place in Europe where i can buy these vent rivets and the paint for that matter. I can see the rivets is made in Europe. If us is the only option, i will have to live with it. I know i can get a auto paint shop to mix it for me, but i would like to get it in cans. I have no airbrush here.

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    You could try Soldier of Fortune , for the liner and chin strap, as for the vents im not aware of places that sell them over there, you can also get the paint from SoF , try contacting WOODSNAKE, as to where he got his A/Oxide

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    Restoring a M35Restoring a M35Hi Datrus, have a look at these guys on e-bay, the first guy is selling the M35 vents for $15 His name is czprg and his store is called Militanto. And the other guy is Jim Jacques who sells the paint and lots of resto stuff, i have used him and can highly recomend him, good luck


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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    The guy selling the vents is in Prague Czech Republic and Jim is in the U.K


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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    Super WOODSNAKE. Thanks mate

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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    Quote by Datrus View Post
    Super WOODSNAKE. Thanks mate
    Your welcome Mate, look forward to watching it come to life.


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    Default Re: Restoring a M35

    I with you the best of luck on this restoration project!

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