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Rust remover

Article about: I did alot of experiments with different acids and rust removers that you can buy over the counter. At last I found what I was looking for....a gentle rust remover that is not dangerous to y

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    thats not bad i just might have to get some but it'll have to wait for the mo atleast till the end of the month anyway
    thanks Jan

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    Dont think i am sticking my nose in or teaching you to suck eggs, but do take care when airmailing chemicals, they can get quite narked when undeclared corrosive's get put on an aircraft.
    good luck

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    Yes, thanks for mentioning it..

    Yes this people get balistic when you mention the word "chemicals".
    First things that goes through their minds is bombs, chemical and biological warfare, death and destruction!!

    I will make sure I follow procedure. The stuff is anyway so harmless but I'll make sure anyway.

    If they can't help me I'll use landmail. (harder to sink a ship than crashing an airplane!)

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    is it available in the USA?.............TIA


    Quote by Lt Visser View Post
    I did alot of experiments with different acids and rust removers that you can buy over the counter.

    At last I found what I was looking for....a gentle rust remover that is not dangerous to yourself, any paintwork and prevent rust to build up again (contains lead)....

    PM me to get info on this item, I can't publish the producers name..

    Lt Visser

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    I used one here in the USA is called Rust Aid this product does not damage the paint and works fantastic ..Just spray and brush with a toothbrush , rinse with plenty of water and Voila!!
    It has Oxalic Acid as main ingridient , fumes are a bit toxic so is better to do it outside..

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    thanks Luis; will do a search on the product and see if I can find some locally; here is a link.........have a very rusty Mauser "Banner" reciever with bolt that needs some TLC

    WM Barr Online Store - RustAid (Quart) (QSX01032P)
    Last edited by peribeca; 08-19-2009 at 02:44 AM. Reason: needs link

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    Molasses works well too, but it has to be completely immersed in it, and it takes a while. Several days for surface rust, a week or more for heavy rust.

    I'm a member of an online Hot-Rodding forum, and many of the members there have used it to take the rust off of 80 year old car parts without eating the good metal. They say food-grade molasses will work, but the Molasses they feed to livestock works better, and its a lot cheaper to buy in large amounts.

    And its bio-degradable...

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    I don't understand why you can't tell us what the product is ?

    Is it so you can make money out of the transaction yourself or is it something you 'make' yourself ?

    I am intrigued.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    Good evening Steve T,

    A few points and questions:

    1. Your sarcastic "intrigued" message is childish.

    2. Will you pay any costs if the company sew me for advertising their products using advertising guidelines that was not met by the company and agains their knowledge and without approval?

    3. I EARN my money by WORKING very hard as 1) a platoon commander in a mechanised infantry regiment, part time, 2) as a owner of a fuel and oil depot and a few petrol stations. I don't sell commercial rust remover to put bread and butter on my table. I simply thought it would help some people.

    4. When you refer to "you" and "us", is there anything I have to do or pay to be part of "your" group? Bet I ain't cool enough to fit anywhere.

    5. I would cross mountains to help fellow collectors in any way I can!!

    6. I did mention, if there are any questions, PM me.

    Unfortunately you don't know me, but I bet if you knew me you would send me a good, intellectual message and not try to impress anyone in the forum.

    My offer is still open. If you want information, PM me.

    Enjoy your weekend

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    Default Re: Rust remover

    What on earth ?

    It was a genuine question and your reply was unnecessary and offensive.

    You obviously have anger management issues and I would appreciate you aiming them at someone else.

    Steve T

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