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Is this shell good for restoration?

Article about: Hi guys, is this shell original or not? I do airsoft and would like to use a restored original, it says that the shell is original but I need verification as I'm no good at beaded M42s or Be

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    Lightbulb Is this shell good for restoration?

    Hi guys, is this shell original or not? I do airsoft and would like to use a restored original, it says that the shell is original but I need verification as I'm no good at beaded M42s or Beaded helmets in general. He states that there are 2 lots of numbers inside, which should include the batch numbers and the size. Thanks for the help and merry Christmas to all.

    Link: WW2 german helmet | eBay

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    The photographs are ridiculously poor but I would think it was likely to be an original shell but in poor condition and worth very little. You should note that this is a 'beaded' helmet (with a band around it) and is therefore a substandard helmet intended for civil defence use rather than combat.

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    Please do not just post links or the thread will be a waste of band width when the auction is closed. Please save the photos to your computer and upload them directly to the thread you are posting in.
    Thank you,
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    This is a totally worthless thread.


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    Here it is guys. Auction is over but agree with Douglas. A beaded helmet. Worth restoration? Hard to tell from the pictures.

    Assume your goal would be for re-enactment? If so this is not the type. Also note that restoring a helmet is not cheap. If you are looking for one to wear probably best to buy one off the shelf. But that is just my opinion. Some people love the challenge

    Is this shell good for restoration?
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    In your first thread you were after a "nice display item" for your shelf. Somewhere along
    the line this has now changed to a restored original for airsoft. Do you want to collect
    from a historical perspective, or do you just want one of those cool looking "nazi" helmets
    to wow your mates? If the answer is history then I suggest reining in your impatience,
    saving up some money, & buying something worthwhile instead of plunging headfirst
    into a sea of crap.

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    I wish a had a shell to sell, just to make this easier... If you're looking to make a repro of a combat helmet as you mentioned in a previous post, do a little homework, learn the differences between M35, M40, M42 Stahlhelm, learn what the appropriate decals, or lack of decals are proper for the shell you find, and just be patient while you're trying to learn something.

    A shell will pop up. There are probably hundreds on eBay at any given time (not all are real), you need to do your homework and have a little patience, something undoubtedly pops up sooner or later.

    There's also many already completed helmets floating around for the re-enactor trade, not very expensive, built on original shells, and ready to display. These are virtually works of art "restored" by guys who love what they do and do it all the time. They know what they're doing, I've seen helmets like this "double Decal M35" that look so close to the real thing you really have to wonder, for the asking price of just over $200.

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    I do know the difference between different models. What would make you think that I don't? An M35 has a rolled edge and the air vents are a separate piece, the M40's shape is exactly the same except for the fact that the air vents have been stamped onto the shell. The M42 doesn't have a rolled edge and has the air vent stamped onto the shell.

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    Because you asked if a Beaded was worth restoring , and you were looking for a combat helmet yesterday .

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    My apologies to you and the forum



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