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ss camo ,for the poor man

Article about: hi picked this up today ,great job done by a chap called Jim Jaques plus helmet band,could never afford a real one so used a shell to get this done.

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    That might be true Doug but as a former GHW member (3 times) it is almost impossible to stay a member in good standings without logging on every day and posting comments wheather they are meaningful or not. Plus newbies cannot access the sales list or many other parts of GHW. And dont ever say anything bad about a dealers item on another site cause they will read you the riot act and try to blackball you or your posts will be deleted no matter how truethful they may be. From experience I had health problems and did not have a computer in my hospital room for the 3 weeks I was in there and when I came out bang I was no longer a member. So Doug althouth GHW is an excellent site it is just to demanding for me sorry. Hopefully this site is a little more forgiving and this seems to be a very informative site as well. I am new here but I have read many of the threads and for the most part they seem well written and intelligent as are the threads on GHW. Lastly I want to appologize to anyone that is offended by this as that was not my intention its just that I could never contact Doug in any other way

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    Im afraid the colour scheme is'nt my cup of tea either, in my opinion theres not enough wear and tear in the helmet and paintwork, the decal appears slightly aged so therefore the helmet should match, also the liner should have a natural look to it, the green paint looks a very vivid colour, i think if you can knock back the overall look by ageing, it would look better, it would have that been there air about it

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    I no nothing about helmets but i think it would look nice on my shelf !

    Kind regards

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    I was on a few forums before i became aware of WRF.I would like to know what GHW forum is as it sounds like the Gestapo forum.Their are some of them that think they are Gods gift to German collectors!! I have to say some of you new guys are rather thin skinned about your posts!If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen!!Stuka has every right as a member to state his likes and dislikes and this is not a likely forum to get pissed off everytime someone speaks against a post.A repro is a repro and nothing more and nothing less.I will answer any comment you want to make and thats your right and mine i just stated! CARL

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    As long as your happy mate, that's all that personally it's a bit bright for me, but it's not my helmet!!! It's yours.....

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    ive forgotten about this post, also is there a way to age the helmet,

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    Quote by griffinz View Post
    ive forgotten about this post, also is there a way to age the helmet,
    Yes there is. Only ones imagination sets the limit.

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    The points are the same as in collecting vehicles, someone can spend a millions in the hobby, someone collect just a scale models. Our hobby is also giving a chance to collect models. To me refurbished items, even it's plane, or helmet, or a motorcycle after all works looks pristine- but they are all lost a historical interest. To me the flying/ running refurbished original is even worst than a flying /running exact copy.
    It just depends what the peoples want to see in their collections.

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    Very correct Dimas. Indeed refurbished items have lost historical value. Nothing more than a imitation. I still like making helmets though

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    I love reproductions/refurbs because you can allow yourself to wear them to a reenactment, or an airsoft game, and in general you can worry less about damaging them.

    As for aging it, a number of methods, but the short story is take it outside in the mud, and hit it with a bunch of twigs.


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