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View Poll Results: Whether you consider these works as a trench arts ?

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Trench Art from Ukraine

Article about: I welcome you, colleagues! I ask you to excuse me for bad English... I work through an online translator . I want to present on your court my works on a trench-art . Sculptural compositions

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Quote by Exhumator View Post
    Many thanks . As I marked higher - I agree, that hired not laid in the scopes of trench art and showed, out as far as brains were enough - in the new division of art . If honestly, analogues I did not see, that who did that similar things ... Although revised the internet carefully . If administration of web-site will not be hampered, by that to rename the name of my theme, if it maybe in " Sculpture of frontline metal from Ukraine "... So it will be more precisely . I beg pardon, if who that or offended . For me it threw aspersed with blood of my relatives, lost in Second World in 1941 . As they say for us - " I Look at skulls and see a faces, I look at a faces - I see skulls" .
    The artists conception of his work is just fine and in my opinion good work. Apparently not cared for by some members of the forum by preconcieved ideas of what art should be. If the artist sees his sculptures with red paint to symbolize blood then that is his vision and that is fine also.
    I encourage our new found friend to continue working with his ideas and try to find a gallery where his work can be displayed in a large city where there are markets for his work.

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Quote by Frundsberg View Post
    Well, I like Your art but how You exactly clean metal? With oxalic accid? And never drink this Katjusha vodka, it is really crap. On of the cheapest vodkas in Estonian market.
    I buy the concentrated muriatic acid, I convey with water, in a proportion part of acid on three parts of water . I mix only in a plastic capacity ! And I immerse in solution material, on 12 hours . Then I do other solution - on 10 litres of water( boiling water ) + 500 the gramme of soda, I stir - I reach from the first solution and a lodge in the second, we wait another hour - after I clean the steel bath sponge, of that clean frying pans ...

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    By the way, wineglasses successfully tested on the military historical reconstruction of fight for Kyiv, autumn 1943 . . These wineglasses are made from the shells of cartridges a 14,5 mm to the anti-tank rifle of Degtyrev , of standard 1941 .

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Nice photographs!

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Last edited by Exhumator; 09-18-2012 at 06:03 PM.

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    I like your concept and your Artwork...I wish you look in your endeavor!
    Cheers, Glenn

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Quote by Exhumator View Post
    In our, Ukraine, annually international and large-scale reconstructions, pass sanctified to the period of Second World war . It is for 1000 persons of participants, with the use of tanks, of artillery and aviation of that period . I try to participate,.

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    I express gratitude to both the supporters and critics of my work ... With kind regards ...

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Great pics. You guys really pulled out all the stops!
    I especially like the MG firing and the pic of one of my favourite guns; the PPSh with the helmet on top.

    About the horrible Vodka; I only bought it for the name ;-)
    Luxosowa is so smooth in comparison.

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    Default Re: Trench Art from Ukraine

    Sculptures on a photo are erected on the places of butchery of Great Patriotic war, on an autumn 1943 and years 1944, at the release of Ukraine from the German invaders . In memory oh the lost soviet and German servicemen .......

    Me it seems, to sometimes, that soldiers
    From bloody not coming the fields
    Not in earth our lay down when that
    And grew into white cranes ....

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