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When Handling Your Items Do You Wear Gloves?

Article about: Hi Just wondering if when handling your items do you wear gloves? I have heard many different ways of handling your items though this way seems to be the most recommended. Thanks Cameron

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    Cotton gloves are the way to go, cheap, reusable and if you want to be fancy you can get one sequinned and pretend you're Michael Jackson.

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    Here's a decent reference for storage and handling of militaria items. It addresses wearing of gloves (or not) and the potential damage that could be caused from improper storage and handling of items. Not trying to prove anyone wrong or go against any members opinions and personal experience or preference here, just trying to offer some written material that might help you come to your own determination of how you want to practice caring for your items. This is a basic insight into preservation of militaria and not a totally in depth guide as you might find from the national archives. It's pretty good IMO and covers many different militaria categories such as flags,posters,medals,cloth items, leather, etc. and I am pretty confident there will be something useful in this read for every level of collector. And its not too lengthy! Hope this helps! Thanks! Jeff B.

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    If you do Not wear gloves, you run a very viable risk of causing future damage. Even if one's hands are dry and clean. the skin still contains oils and such that, though unseen today, will show up in the future. (That, and it saves the considerably annoying bit of time of having to wipe down and protect daggers, etc after you examine them!)

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    Wow I never thought I would get so many responses!

    Thanks for all of the help guys!


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