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Luftschutz - RLB

Article about: Some updated pics of this one for website Rossi

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    Default Luftschutz - RLB

    Some updated pics of this one for website


    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB

    Luftschutz - RLB
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    An interesting example of the SHD (Sicherheits und Hilfsdienst) buckle and I do so like the paint finish on the example shown. The eccentrically set rather than central positioning of the makers mark of R. S. & S. is a well known variant, however what are those distinct incrustations (encrustations?) behind the catch? Was the catch during production possibly wrongly placed, only then to be applied correctly and with the detritus from the first erroneous attempt, simply spray painted over? It made no difference to the obverse appearance of the buckle nor the functionality of the catch and so, why not?

    A few lines about the SHD, although there is plenty of better, more accurate and detailed information within the Forum. I think that the SHD was utilised proper when German cities and towns first experienced bombing raids, however the formation of this type of organisation had been previously discussed, planned and agreed. Essentially, the SHD was an organisation that assisted the civilian population (although not exclusively so) as an integral part of the so called national self protection strategy. Whilst the organisation was essentially air raid protection orientated under the auspices of the RLB (ReichsLuftschutzBund), the SHD however did actively adopt and embrace a more flexible role. During air raid related activities, the SHD reported to the Police, however the services and specialised skills of this organisation could be readily employed by other organisations. SHD specialised services and facilities included those related to fire fighting, medical and veterinary, structural repairs, debris clean up and the like.

    No idea when the buckle was first worn, however SHD uniform regulations were formalised in 1941 (as per information on the Forum) and as a minor side note, (1) the buckle was known to be produced in aluminium, steel and zinc and (2), there are period war time images of this buckle being worn by individuals who perhaps were not SHD personnel proper. For note (2), there are period images of SHD men wearing Police buckles and members of the LuftschutzPolizei wearing SHD buckles and I am sure, there are numerous other mixed buckle to uniform variations.

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    Is the maker Rudolf Souval & Söhne? I didn't know they made koppleschloss?

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    Quote by BlackCat1982 View Post
    Is the maker Rudolf Souval & Söhne? I didn't know they made koppleschloss?

    The maker is Richard Sieper & Söhne - Lüdenscheid.

    Awesome buckle Rossi, I would love to have it.

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