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T34/76 Restoration

Article about: Hi, I am restoring a T34/76, a long job, any information and help to find a 76 turret and any parts for a T-34 restoration would be much apprieciated, these as you may understand are not the

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    Default Re: T34/76 Restoration

    What a awsome lineup.... Looks fantastic

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    Default Re: T34/76 Restoration

    Just thought this may be of interest,

    Also I hope to be progressing the restorations but time and money have been tight!

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    If anybody is interest in t-34 engine then let me know.
    Made some photos: mootor album | Habuallu |, photo and video sharing made easy.
    T-34 is little too big project for me

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    That is something I have always wanted to have

    I had once chance to buy T34 and I will never forgive myself that I did not get it. It was bought to Finland for the movie "Talvisota" (Winter war) made in 1980's and It was offered for sale in magazine that lists second hand items like Graig's list nowadays. Seller wanted 30 000 Finnish marks for it, which is around 5000 - however big money in early 1990's for a student. Obviously too big.

    I guess that was the only chance for me to have one. Tank is still in Finland and in very good hands.



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    Hi Jani,

    Interesting, T34's are spread pretty far and wide and your right these days it is hard to find a reasonable price for one.

    The restoration will hopfully be starting next year if things go well!

    All the best,

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    Well I don't think I can help you with the turret, but I would like to wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. Its quite the project and I hope it comes out nicely.

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    Thanks for the good wishes, hopefully little by little it will get there!
    Are you involved in restoration?

    Happy Christams!

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