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T34 in angola- africa

Article about: searching the web, i manage to find this, an old t34 from the independence war in angola

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    Default T34 in angola- africa

    searching the web, i manage to find this, an old t34 from the independence war in angola
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture T34 in angola- africa  

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    Default Re: T34 in angola- africa

    Interesting photo Nuno. It's amazing where some of these ended up. Good way for the Soviets to spread their influence in Africa, back in the 50's, give away some old tanks.

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    Default Re: T34 in angola- africa

    its seems there are a lot of this tanks in angola, the russians exported a lot of them right after the portuguese forces fled the country

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    Default Re: T34 in angola- africa

    I bet that old thing's had a varied life. It is amazing where old vehicles end up, long after their original users had got rid of them.

    As you say lads, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union hit upon a way of exerting influence in otherwise Western-dominated areas, but giving economic and military aid to communist-aligned governments and movements fighting pro-Western governments. A famous example is Cuba, who post-revolution got a lot of Soviet equipment and were able to export their sugar, fruit etc, which was no longer welcome in the U.S. Funnily enough the Cuban militray also had a presence in Angola, as well as elsewhere in Africa (Ernesto 'Che' Guevara famously led a Cuban force in Mozambique in the mid 1960s, to aid pro-communist forces there.) I suppose other good examples of Soviet equipment being used to fight other wars would be the Korea and Vietnam wars, with the Soviet Union backing local communist movements fighting Western forces and their allies, as a way of fighting off U.S. and Western political influence in Asia, or at least such was the plan.

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