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fake SA ?

Article about: Original.for sudetendeutsch. and also used by one early swedish nazi movement in the 1930. snsp.swedish nationalsozialitische party.Leader:Birger Furugard. Regards. svir

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    Default fake SA ?

    Hey guys........... first post. Got this a few years back from a cousin in Germany. Have not been able to identify. Looks like an SA buckle, but the eagle is all wrong. Your comments appreciated.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture fake SA ?   fake SA ?  

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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Well, I've seen some SA's with that type of eagle (Nash considers these type IV in his book I think). So the eagle style could be correct but the reverse of the buckle looks off - especially the sauder where the roundel has been affixed. Any chance we can get a closeup of the prongs - especially the tips? That would really help!


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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    It's for 100% original one, that is my IMHO

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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Thanks for your input guys. Really appreciated.
    Bob - you asked for addition photos. Here is what I have with my limited macro capabilities on my digital. Hope they are helpful.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture fake SA ?   fake SA ?  

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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Hi...Pics are really helpful....unfortunately I'm pretty sure this is a reproduction given the cut on the tip of the prongs. This style of prong is found on many reproductions. Even though Overhoff did produce a reverse cut prong (like these) they were not jagged - like sheared metal.
    I think it's repro - I'm sorry 'bout that.

    All the best!


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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Thanks for your time and help. Don't be sorry for being honest. Had a feeling about it's authenticity.
    Gonna have to buy one now.
    Best regards

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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Well....Always hate to bear bad news. Always easier when the recipient had their doubts....This pattern of eagle is pretty hard to find - but if you're looking for any type SA - they are plentiful enough! Good luck and happy hunting!



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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Thanks Rob.
    We live to harm done. The best part of the game is the hunt.


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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    Hi guys, I actually think it could be original Rob, I know the prongs look like OLT ones but look at the wear on the buckle, it would only be the prongs that would make me say a bad one, just my opinion though, I never collected alot of these but I actuallly like it.

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    Default Re: fake SA ?

    The wear to the front does look good Ben....but those prongs!! The construction is also a concern...or should I say the type of metal used. What do you think of the ears on the buckle? ...I too have not handled one of these but I have seen some pictured. David North has a few (understatement!)!!!
    Cheers guys!


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