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Thiel of Danzig

Article about: Nice information about Thiel from Danzig, as well as GZM. I checked my "Verordnungsblatt der Reichsleitung der NSDAP". In 1931/1932 the departments were known as Zeugmeisterei and

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    Default Thiel of Danzig

    Thiel of Danzig is I think now quite well known, however having said that, this RZM approved company ((RZM M4/111), is still something of a mystery.

    Does anybody have any Thiel buckles to show ?

    Here is a very odd SA and of note is the "shadow" stamping to the makers oval mark.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Thiel of Danzig   Thiel of Danzig  

    Thiel of Danzig  

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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig

    Cracking buckle David and a first for me, thanks for showing it, I would love to find a Heer buckle with that on it

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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig


    curious maker mark !

    first time I see it ..

    thank to share it David


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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig

    Ben and Emmanuel

    The very rare Thiel mark has on occasions been discussed within other forums and actually, there are collectors still who regard the mark as a post 1945 fantasy. I was once sceptical, however now having secured this SA, I am 100% sure that the mark is period.

    Up until now, I have seen a DJ, HJ and SA by Thiel and perhaps there are other buckle types. If my memory serves me well, the reverse of the Thiel box always has the same distinctly shaped hook catch.

    One of the very interesting features about Thiel is that by being Danzig based, the company is (with others) often associated with the even more interesting GZM (not a spelling mistake - GZM !!!) M4/112 Rudolf Reich GmbH, Danzig Langfuhr.

    Reich however is a totally different story.



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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig

    first one to see for me, too. very interesting. Are the "ears" of the buckle always not bended ?
    And another question - do have the other buckles, mentioned, so you can maybe show the ? That would be very nice,too.

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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig


    The ears to the buckle have never been bent over.

    Unfortunately this is the only Thiel buckle that I hold and also, I have no GZM marked buckles.



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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig

    David, here is the GZM SS buckle, although not proven as yet I believe IMO these are period buckles, some others will rebuke that but again my opinion
    Attached Images Attached Images Thiel of Danzig Thiel of Danzig Thiel of Danzig Thiel of Danzig 

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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig

    Thankyou Ben for posting some images of the well known GZM SS buckle. I cannot put forward one shred of firm supporting evidence, however my instinct tells me that the buckle is period. There has been so much written about the GZM buckles and really, why fake such a well documented group of buckles (SS) that most collectors absolutely adore and who hang on to every word of the so called experts and then, stamp it with GZM !!!

    Another image of the obverse.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Thiel of Danzig  

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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig


    thanks for the info. I hope there will some Thiel buckles show up here in the forum



    thanks for the pictures - nice one !


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    Default Re: Thiel of Danzig


    Nice buckle David - finally You have a Thiel buckle in Your hands and now You can see this was peroid made.
    I have seen a lot of ground dug Thiel and GZM M4/112 buckles and I'm sure all were original. I had in my hands HJ, DJ, SA with Thiel markings and HJ GZM M4/112 and SS buckles with GZM M1/131 -
    I have seen not only buckles with GZM markings but also HJ pins, NSDAP membership badges all ground dug items and 100% original.
    In my collection I have 2 HJ with GZM M4/112 mark and 2 buckles with Thiel mark HJ and DJ. I will add some photos later.

    Region of Free City of Danzig was not a part of Third Reich before the war began so maybe companies couldn't use Reich patents.
    It is possible that They prepare other regulations for distirbution of buckles,badges and other stuff in the region of Danzig.

    best regards
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