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advice on dagger please

Article about: Hi Ian.. thankyou for posting the extra photos..which are a great help. Pitted blades are damage irreversible. The main selling point of a dagger begins with the blade..then after that.. the

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    Default advice on dagger please

    have been asked to make an offer on the dagger below and would appreciate your comments

    thanks ian
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	10301417_10204029824129342_1978267353523191130_n.jpg 
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Name:	10309475_10204029823729332_9097140830820248072_n.jpg 
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Name:	10313539_10204029823929337_3381978351857786289_n.jpg 
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Name:	10329239_10204029823049315_2951016158366308815_n (1).jpg 
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Name:	10334434_10204029823329322_4101647056054080455_n.jpg 
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Name:	10339620_10204029823569328_2440669935822216539_n.jpg 
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Name:	10277034_10204026351482528_3301148181793383510_n.jpg 
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Name:	10271525_10204026351762535_2612855849517360444_n.jpg 
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Name:	10269611_10204026352242547_1883779366438428844_n.jpg 
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Name:	10259995_10204026351042517_8968870964773486708_n.jpg 
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Name:	10247458_10204026361762785_4062792706165767815_n.jpg 
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Name:	10246842_10204026362042792_3043133225716337419_n.jpg 
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Name:	10314567_10204031431609528_7386250971494247680_n (1).jpg 
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Name:	10171152_10204031431409523_5577823739843954278_n.jpg 
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    also what you think it is worth?

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    Looks like a nice early SA dagger. I would wipe the blade down with some light oil.

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    does the blade look like its got sharpening wear or is it the angle of the photo? also theres a tear in the scabbard ball. im not sure what to offer him?

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    Hi Ian welcome to the forum...Nice early Original SA dagger. Photos are lacking any detail..because of the lighting. The blade has some type of aging or rust. I will research the Gruppe mark as "Ha" does not appear on any of my lists. It may be a first of its kind..not sure. I would like to see a better grip fit to lower crossguard.

    Overall the dagger is uncleaned and salty looking which also appears to be unmessed with............ BUT........ Clearer photos would be a must before matter how much it costs. Money is money..and even if it was worth $200...that could be used towards a greater example. PM sent Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    The pics were likely taken with a phone ! - Ian, do you have
    an idea of what the seller is looking to get for it.........?


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    E H Otto GmbH (Curdts Nachf) of Solingen. A fairly uncommon maker. Aside from the unfortunately burst scabbard tip, from what I can see of it, it looks like a decent early SA in good average carried condition. The distributor mark of "Ha" stands for the Hansa group, which means it was originally used in the Northern Germany region.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    hi guys,
    thanks for the input
    i've been in touch with him and asked for more pics in daylight
    i the seller doesnt appear to know too much but has been googling
    the maker and found one at $530 at an auction which ive seen but
    that one was in next to mint condition
    i guess he thinks he has something special but obviously im looking at
    offering a much lower price
    i will post the new pics as i get them

    thanks again


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    hi all
    have posted some more brighter pics
    blade is quite pitted...can it be improved?
    also the SA inlay seems damaged?
    and maybe the crossguard there is ill fitting?
    parts dagger do you think?


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    I'd say it's likely original, but in the condition that it's in, personally, about all I'd say it's worth might be a couple hundred dollars at the most. And if he's think it's worth more than $500, I doubt he's going to pop for it. When these guys get it in their heads they have a priceless treasure, it's almost useless to try to inform them otherwise.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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