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Chained NSKK dagger

Article about: here is his chained NSkk dagger(i know nothing of the chain. could be a fake?):

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    Default Chained NSKK dagger

    here is his chained NSkk dagger(i know nothing of the chain. could be a fake?):

    Chained NSKK daggerChained NSKK daggerChained NSKK daggerChained NSKK daggerChained NSKK dagger

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    Hi Vern..the photos are not the greatest quality. Too much shadowing to really see any detail. Is it possible to get less flash and lees dark shadows.... I cannot comment on the these are highly faked. Regards Larry

    Better photos Please
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    I realy do not like what i see.
    Everything about this chained dagger is screaming partsdagger.
    All parts seems to have been sanded at some time, screws missing.
    Very bad shoulder blade fit to guards, wide gap, that certainly would not be possible on an early logo marked blade.
    Its typical how your pics dont show critical details, like gau marking, macro's of links, good flashless pics shows the color of the material, now the guards even look as they are not made of nickel.
    Attachement rings chain to scabbard are mismating in size and color/material, for sure not Original.
    Also soldered links chain to clip are not a good sign.
    Connecting rings of the chain do not have the same wear as the links, they seem to be sanded.
    There is completely no chrome left on the chain, it just doesnt has the feel needed to be an Original.
    IMO a bad put together parts dagger with a repro chain.

    here a few originals, just compare, common fakers trick is to let the dagger look worn and beated.....
    The seasoned collectors mostly see that as a big red flag....what is trying to be covered up?
    Chained NSKK daggerChained NSKK dagger

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    thanks, Ger

    I`ll try to keep in mind the things you said, especially the blade fit(wide gap).

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