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Does this Carl Heidelberg SA Dienstdolch look 100% correct?

Article about: This was supposedly picked up "straight from the vet's son", and doesn't look to me like it's been taken apart a dozen times etc... The Ns Gau seems to be correct for this dagger f

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    Yea, some typical corrosion on the steel, what Lakeside calls "age gray" or "age spotting" which does sound better than "blade eating cancer"

    Many of their blades with similar affliction read; "The blade on this one shows some age gray" or "It shows the common age spotting and surface scratches throughout".

    I'd think a light coating of oil would keep corrosion at bay?

    I'd still like to see this one in person to see if the blade cleaning is a deal breaker for me.

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    Circuit advertisement Does this Carl Heidelberg SA Dienstdolch look 100% correct?
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    Do not use oil. Use renaissance wax instead.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    This Dagger looks very nice from the outside , beautiful patina that matches up with all fittings. But yes this blade has cleaned up. This must be come back in the asking price. so it stays a Original Heidelberg.

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    Yes, I like the grip and fittings very much, even though the wood is rather plain. And the dagged will spend most of its time in the scabbard. I've looked at many many daggers at beginner prices that have grip problems, which personally kill the deal for me. It is reasonably priced otherwise I would probably not be interested.

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    Anyone know where to find the SA dagger rarity chart?

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    The thread below this one ...go back to the SA forum..and a thread dedicated to the McSaar list and info is there
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    I'm hoping to see the dagger in person soon, hoping to see that in fact the blade looks better than in the inconsistent iPhone pics as far as overcleaning. I'm also hoping to see that its never been taken apart.

    By comparison, here's a wretchedly abused blade by the same maker, still managed to sell on feeBay for $137 and some change for shipping...


    Used “In very good condition”

    Winning bid:US $137.50
    [ 15 bids ]
    Here are some pics of this wretchedly abused blade.

    Does this Carl Heidelberg SA Dienstdolch look 100% correct?

    Does this Carl Heidelberg SA Dienstdolch look 100% correct?

    Does this Carl Heidelberg SA Dienstdolch look 100% correct?

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    Received the dagger, I think it's perfectly fine. In fact not only the blade but the condition of the condition of the scabbard is radically different in hand than in any of the pics provided.

    As Paul Hogle says in his tutorials, these blades can look totally different from picture to picture depending on the light and when you throw in the wretched resolution of iPhone pics, it can cause the blade to look infinitely brighter than it is. There is a loss of detail that can cause a false image of the blade. Blades are hard to shoot anyway you look at it, but with excessive light and an iPhone, you can really do it a great disservice.*

    Case in point, nothing else on the dagger seems tampered with, all has the patina of decades of being left alone.

    All nickel fittings have not been touched with anything, and the dagger looks to have (per Hogle's tutorial again) patina in all the little places that show that the dagger hasn't been taken apart, which again according to Paul, is rare to see. It's hard to image someone fooling with the blade, but resisting the temptation to clean anything else. That is not how compulsive cleaners work.

    Also, from decades of knife ownership, I can tell that not much in the way of cleaning was done to this blade because it is impossible to clean in the hilt area like you can in the middle and tip of the blade - again Hogle mentions loss of cross graining starting at the tip and moving back - (because of this very reason) without removing the blade from the grip and fittings, otherwise you are going to polish or scratch the lower crossguard. I can see nothing amiss on this lower crossguard, it has the shinier oval imprint of the scabbard, nothing else.

    Nothing on the blade shows signs of hyperactive cleaning. Perhaps normal or occasional cleaning throughout the seventy plus ears of its life, but nothing that can held against the dagger.

    I will post pics in a new thread.

    I'm still trying to get info on the vet on the Allies history forum, but his unit (87th Infantry, Golden Acorn) saw service in these campaigns; Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, as well as Central Europe.

    * This would be a great topic for the photo thread, how to make an item look much worse than it really is. I've been saving pics like this off the net. Sometimes you can see it's a nice item and the pics are just botched. This is super common with blades, and I've been saving a few pics to add to that thread.
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    Quote by Larboard View Post
    I will post pics in a new thread.
    Why would you start a whole new thread for the same dagger?

    Especially if you wish to compare photos.
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    This dagger was shot down right from the start in this thread. I feel this dagger, with vet provenance I'm still researching, deserves better than to have a few pics posted in a thread everybody is done looking it, and it may be a while before I have the time to take and post new pics.

    I never planned to do comparison pics in this thread, this will be in the "how to take better pics of militaria thread" in the "how to" forum. It will be part of a continuing focus on shooting blades, how awful many blade pics on the internet are, and how to get better at this.

    Taking GREAT Shots of Militaria, TIPS, Technical Details, etc. Sticky?

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